We are St Michael's

A community of learners

St Michael’s allows students to experience differences in learning styles, personalities, strengths, talents and perspectives. This prompts a greater acceptance of individuality, coupled with an inclusive culture across all areas of school life.

Learning philosophy

Meaningful relationships

Meaningful relationships lie at the core of the School’s philosophy of dignity, respect, care and compassion. Teachers are deeply committed to the wellbeing of students, who feel fully supported when honing their interests and talents.

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Creative minds are forever learning

At St Michael’s, each student is valued individually. Our comprehensive educational program engages students intellectually, physically and socially, providing valuable critical thinking opportunities within autonomous and collaborative environments.


Spaces for possibilities

The St Michael’s campus houses a collection of buildings from each period of our 121-year history – from the original 1895 Marlton House to The Gipson Commons, our newest, largest and most advanced facility.

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