05 December, 2019 K-6 spotlight

K-6 spotlight: reflecting on an engaging year of specialist learning in K-6

Our specialist learning program provides a broad and rich platform for students to explore an array of learning areas to support their holistic development. Throughout this term, we have been fortunate to experience a range of events and performances that have shone a light on the strength of the program and the talents of our students.

The ‘Through Prep Eyes’ afternoon showcased the different programs designed to provide the students with experiences to develop their knowledge and skills in the Arts including Music, Dance and Visual Arts, Literature and Research, physical education and spirituality through Anam Cara. The afternoon was designed to allow our Prep parents and guardians the opportunity to participate in the specialist programs alongside their child.

The Spring Concert was a beautiful celebration of the quality and depth of Musical education in the junior years and our incredibly talented students. The evening featured Music from Prep through to Year 6, showing the way in which the students develop their skills and musicianship through a sequential and engaging approach.

The Year 6 Musical was a joyful celebration and an important milestone for the Year 6 students, whilst also providing opportunity to celebrate the dramatic talents of our students. And last night, the Family Christmas Service provided the Year 1 students with a platform to work together to share the nativity story and to remind us all of the wonder and awe of Christmas.

Our students have had rich and rewarding experiences in Sport, which have included all Kindergarten to Year 6 students. The K-2 carnivals have been an absolute highlight for the whole community, the students, staff, parents and the Year 6 leaders who have supported the students. The Years 3-6 House carnivals, House shields, Lightning Premierships, SYDSA, and Inter-School Sport are just some of many of the ways in which the older students have explored and affirmed their strengths and talents.

Our programs are regularly reviewed to ensure that they continue to provide the best possible learning experiences for our students. This year we have focused on languages and looked at both the structure and the offering to students. We have sought to increase the time for students to learn a single language in the younger years, rather than introducing two additional languages simultaneously. We have also introduced the language of Mandarin, which in 2020 will begin in Prep for all students and from Year 1 will be one of two choices, the second being French. The offering will increase in Year 5 to include Japanese, with each of these pathways continuing through to Year 12.

The opportunities for students are facilitated and supported by our passionate staff and I take the opportunity to thank and acknowledge the breadth of experience that they each bring. The K-12 trajectory for students to be engaged and enriched at St Michael’s in a broad range of activities is an exciting one.

Mrs Nicole Ginnane
Associate Head (K-6)