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Class of 2017 first-round tertiary offers released

Following last year’s wonderful VCE results of our Class of 2017, first-round tertiary offers were released yesterday. St Michael’s students have a long history of continuing to tertiary study, and many of our students have received an offer that will enable them to take that next step into their chosen field.

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Professor Anthony Bailey – a remarkable St Michael's figure

The St Michael’s Grammar School community has been saddened by the recent passing of Professor Anthony Bailey on 26 December 2017. As a Member of St Michael's Grammar School Council and its successor, the St Michael's Grammar School Board of Governors, from 1978 to 2000, Professor Bailey played a significant role in the School’s 123-year history.

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Tackling VCE – a student's perspective: Tiernan Maclaren

In Year 12, Tiernan Maclaren studied Chemistry, English, History, Mathematical Methods and Physics, had a lead role in the 10-12 play and 10-12 musical, sung in three of the School’s choirs throughout the year and was Co-Captain of Sarum – it’s fair to say that Tiernan enjoys being busy.

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Tackling VCE – a student's perspective: Ava Wraight

In Year 12, Ava had an extremely diverse year. Ava was part of the senior musical, played Senior Tennis, worked at a fish and chip shop two days a week and undertook a unique mix of subjects: English, Mathematical Methods, French, Chemistry and Studio Arts (Mixed Media).

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Tackling VCE – a student's perspective: Daphne Keck

This year, Daphne studied Art, Global Politics, Italian, Literature (where she got a perfect score of 50) and Mathematical Methods, as well as being Sarum Co-Captain, performing in the Years 10-12 musical, playing basketball (Daphne was selected for the ACS All Stars team) and acting as a student wellbeing leader.

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Tackling VCE – a student's perspective: Tanat Tippinyu

This year, our Dux of the School was Tanat Tippinyu with a fantastic score of 99.80. Tanat studied Japanese, Physics, English, Specialist Mathematics and Chemistry, where he achieved a perfect score of 50. Tanat also achieved a perfect score of 50 in Mathematical Methods last year when he was in Year 11.

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Special Feature: Jessica Crosby (OM 1952)

Mrs Jessica Crosby (OM 1952) has been involved with St Michael’s her whole life – as a student, teacher and parent. Jess is a regular attendee of the archives workshops and is the keeper of St Michael’s stories and memories.
We thank her for all that she has done, is still doing and also for so generously sharing memories of her St Michael’s journey, it’s an exceptional story.

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