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Year 2 students build 'Mini Melbourne'

Across the term, Year 2 students have been diligently working on their Transdisciplinary Learning unit, 'Build It Up', in both physical and virtual spaces, to create their very own 'Mini Melbourne'. By investigating the form and function of our cities most important and influential buildings, students discovered the significance of infrastructure and ongoing development in order for a city to run effectively and efficiently.

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Advocating for politics in education

Year 12 students, Ibby, Maisie and Daisy, attended the Australian Politics Advocacy Forum run by Social Education Victoria (SEV) at the University of Melbourne on 15 June, to discuss the declining state of student interest in Australian Politics and how this could be reversed in the coming years. The forum saw collaborative strategic discussions between students, teachers, academics, politicians, media representatives and other stakeholders across Victoria.

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University of Melbourne Architecture students generate 'STEAM'

Students from The University of Melbourne’s Master of Architecture course recently presented their final projects for the semester – envisioning Frank Woods House as a Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) facility – at St Michael’s Grammar School on 5 June 2018.

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A collective responsibility: Environmental and Sustainability Project 2018

In the pursuit of improving the School's sustainability, Student Leaders and Environmental Defender representatives met with staff and industry professionals to propose short and long-term goals that could significantly reduce waste and inspire recycling initiatives at the inaugural forum for the Environmental and Sustainability Project held on 7 June 2018.

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Introducing SMGS Generation

SMGS Generation is an exciting new online platform designed to benefit St Michael’s students, past and present, by providing opportunities to link their learning to the career skills and experience of our extensive St Michael’s network.

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Kindergarten reflections: What is a school?

The exploration of concepts benefits young children emotionally and cognitively by developing their creativity, abstract thinking, wonder and problem-solving abilities. It also involves scientific learning possibilities such as developing an appreciation of the natural world and developing an understanding of protecting the world.

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Year 6 Science Circus

How is a thunderstorm created? How do you create a tornado? What makes a volcano erupt? How do you build a structure to withstand an earthquake? Year 6 students recently completed fun yet challenging experiments to answer these questions during their 'Science Circus'.

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From the Director – Legally Blonde, The Musical

The annual Years 10–12 Musical has always been a highlight event – this year is no exception, with ‘girl power’ resonating from the roof. St Michael’s proudly presents Legally Blonde, The Musical at the National Theatre, Melbourne from 3 – 5 May.

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From our School Leaders – Anzac Day

ANZAC day is not merely a date, or some remote campaign, but rather a spirit. It is a time to reflect on the qualities of past generations of Australians who in hardship displayed courage, discipline, self-sacrifice, self-reliance, resourcefulness and friendship.

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