20 October, 2023 Arts - Community

Deal in Creativity: The Community Art Card Project

St Michael’s, in an exciting new venture, is partnering with the renowned fortyfivedownstairs Gallery to launch The Community Art Card Project. This initiative invites students, families, staff, artists, and the broader Melbourne community to participate in a collaborative art-making experience using large playing cards as their canvas.

The project is spearheaded by Mr Robert Lee Davis, a practicing artist and Visual Arts teacher at St Michael’s. Mr Davis, along with students from the School, will facilitate the project, which will culminate in an installation at the fortyfivedownstairs Gallery.

Playing cards, a universal symbol of community and conversation, serve as the foundation for this project. As Mr Davis explains, ‘Playing cards are used in communities across the globe and offer ways to strike up conversation and be part of a group.’

Playing cards are used in communities across the globe and offer ways to strike up conversation and be part of a group.Mr Robert Lee Davis

This theory encapsulates St Michael’s philosophy of always striving to nurture creative, inquiring minds and fostering community among students, parents and staff alike. Similarly, fortyfivedownstairs values risk and innovation, nurturing artists, diversity and opportunity, inclusion and openness, and creating excitement and unique experiences.

The Community Art Card Project embodies these shared philosophies and works to encourage imagination and collaboration. It’s an opportunity for individuals to express themselves artistically while contributing to a larger community project. So why not join in? Pick up a playing card and let your creativity flow!

The exhibition will run from 31 October – 11 November. Over this two-week period, the gallery walls will gradually fill with artworks from contributors. A closing reception on Friday 10 November will provide an opportunity for all to appreciate the full scope of the artworks created.

All members of the St Michael’s community are warmly invited to visit the Gallery, create an art piece or simply enjoy the works on display. The Gallery is located at 45 Flinders Lane in Melbourne and is open Tuesday to Friday from 12pm – 7pm and Saturday from 12 – 4pm.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the whole family to participate in a unique artistic experience.

Don’t miss out!