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Educational excellence matters at St Michael’s.

Each student’s holistic development is our central concern. We prepare young people to flourish in the contemporary context, and enable them to build the skills and develop the personal qualities that will serve them throughout their lives. St Michael’s staff is committed to exercising and extending each student’s capacity for critical thinking, autonomous learning, problem-solving and collaboration.

We have the advantage of being a K-12 school all on the one site here in St Kilda. In the spirit of the Sisters’ concept of wholeness we take a holistic approach to the education of our students. Our location provides a vast array of opportunities to learn with and from the creative, academic, not for profit and business communities that call this vibrant city home. The city of Melbourne and the inner city is in a way our canvas – students perform, exhibit, play sport and learn in some of Melbourne’s most iconic, creative and professional spaces. In addition, our carefully sequenced set of outdoor learning programs that comprise the Exodus program from Years 3-11 sees our students immersed in the beautiful and rugged natural environments of Victoria.

The rich and diverse curriculum and co-curricular programs challenge students while enabling them to reflect on their individual growth. Combining timely, explicit feedback and assessment with innovative teaching practice, we encourage students to develop their identity as learners and work alongside them to pave their way to the destinations they wish to embrace beyond school.

St Michael’s has a well-deserved reputation for fostering students’ wellbeing.

A focus on relationships and trust forms part of the School’s core values of ‘DR CC’ – Dignity, Respect, Care and Compassion. These values are enacted daily through positive and respectful relationships between students, staff and parents.

We hold high expectations of all those connected with St Michael’s. We have detailed expectations of behaviour and learning, consistently encouraging our students to consider their actions in light of the potential impact on themselves and others. Engaging with and respecting a diverse range of perspectives is a central principle of our inclusive community and a vital component of our teaching and learning focus.

We view children and young adults as highly curious and creative, ready for a life filled with the joys and challenges of learning.

Our welcoming and supportive environment enables each student to develop a strong sense of their gifts and to distil a purpose that will imbue their life with meaning.

Students completing their education at St Michael’s leave the School equipped with the confidence and clarity of purpose to make the most of the world’s opportunities.


Head of the School

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