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Welcome to St Michael’s Grammar School. We are a progressive and innovative K-12 coeducational school located on a single campus.

At St Michael’s every student matters. Our caring, supportive environment empowers each student, and enables them to unlock their potential, find their passion and excel, through a diverse range of curricular, Co-Curricular and extra-curricular subjects and activities. St Michael’s students are knowledgeable, confident and compassionate, and ready to use their voice to change the world.

Year on year, our students, staff and parents create anew our School - it is their curiosity, energy and dynamism that infuse a day, a week and a year at St Michael’s with variety and meaning.

Our students are at the heart of a learning ecosystem designed to cultivate strong foundations in key areas of learning, creative and flexible problem-solving, independent thinking, effective collaboration and collective wellbeing.

Students at St Michael’s perform, exhibit, play sport and learn in some of Melbourne’s most iconic, creative and professional spaces. In addition, our carefully sequenced set of outdoor learning programs that comprise the Exodus program from Years 3 to 11, sees our students immersed in the beautiful and rugged natural environments of Victoria and beyond.

St Michael’s has evolved a holistic approach to education underpinned by a commitment to being inclusive.

Learning from an expert and passionate community of adults, the rapport between students and staff at St Michael’s is grounded in deep care and compassion, mutual respect, the lively exchange of ideas and an appreciation for the unique talents of each individual.

At the core of our strong, cohesive community are four values, dignity, respect, care and compassion. We aim to make decisions and live in accordance with these as expressed in our Parent and Community Code of Respectful and Responsible Conduct. Engaging with and respecting a diverse range of perspectives is a central principle of our inclusive community and a vital component of our teaching and learning focus.

The enduring benefits of a St Michael’s education are expressed in the diversity, creativity and community spirit of our graduates who leave with the determination to follow their passions, the confidence to lead in their fields of endeavour, and the wisdom to live balanced and meaningful lives inspired by a commitment to making the world a better place.

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To find out more, explore How to Enrol or contact our Student Enrolments Team on +61 3 8530 3310 or at enrolments@stmichaels.vic.edu.au.