St Michael's Award-Winning Facilities

We believe that the physical environment plays an integral role in the education of our students, and take great care to ensure that our classrooms, communal areas and gardens are well-maintained, comfortable and appealing. This gives our students the ideal setting in which they can feel safe, happy and confident.

St Michael’s accommodates students’ diverse learning styles, and many of our learning areas go beyond traditional educational environments.

St Michael’s key learning environments and facilities include:

Performing Arts Centre, St George’s

The former St George’s Church occupied an important place in the St Kilda community and is listed on the Heritage Register because of its many outstanding features. Throughout the redevelopment, careful attention was given to the historical features that make our Performing Arts Centre unique.

The Performing Arts Centre, St George’s opened in May 2023 and boasts state-of-the-art facilities, providing our students with access to a theatre that is arguably among the best in Australia.

State-of-the-art facilities have also been included in the redevelopment; these include:

  • High-quality sound and lighting systems, including the next-generation L-ISA sound system, similar to the one in the refurbished Opera House.
  • A special sprung floor for dance and movement activities.
  • Electronically controlled blackout curtains for various performance configurations.
  • Flexible seating arrangements with a capacity for almost 400 spectators.

Centre for Inquiry and Innovation (CII)

The Centre for Inquiry and Innovation (CII), opened in March 2023, is a hub for research and deep learning. It complements existing learning spaces and fosters a culture of curiosity, problem-solving, and inquiry learning. The CII at St Michael’s has been recognised as an Excellence Awardee at the Australian Education Awards in the Innovation in Learning Environment Design category.

Key features include:

  • Adaptable spaces for different learning activities and styles.
  • Multi-functional rooms with student-influenced design elements.
  • A variety of resources, including books, technology, 3D printer, and STEM materials.
  • Spaces for clubs, classes, and staff development sessions.

The Allan Pizzey Building

The Allan Pizzey Building offers a dynamic learning environment for students from Preparatory to Year 6. Key features include:

  • Seamless Learning: Opportunities for continuous learning across different areas.
  • Team Teaching: Classrooms designed to accommodate collaborative teaching methods.
  • Student Autonomy: Spaces that allow students to move independently, fostering trust and self-reliance.
  • Breakout Spaces: Areas designed for academic, social, and recreational needs.
  • Common Areas: Includes computer facilities and communal spaces for study and relaxation.
  • Community Consultation: The building was designed with input from the wider community, ensuring it caters to diverse learning needs and styles.

The Octavius Brown Community Garden

offers hands-on experience of growing produce. Featuring citrus trees, vegetable beds and chickens, the Community Garden enables students to trace their food’s path from plant to plate. In the 2014 Victorian Schools Garden Awards, the Kitchen Garden won ‘Most Habitat-Friendly Garden’ and ‘Best Garden’.

Sisters’ Building

also known as the Community of the Sisters of the Church Learning Centre, the Sisters’ building is a purpose-built teaching and learning centre which provides a sense of space and community for students in Years 7 to 12.

Frank Woods House

Opened in April 1985, Frank Woods House is among St Michael’s most prominent and character-filled buildings. Today, it is home to the Years 4 to 9 Art and Design studios.


The library within The Gipson Commons is called the Knowledge Commons, servicing our ELC to Year 12. The Knowledge Commons supports the curricular, Co-Curricular, and recreational interests of the staff and student body. This rich environment provides students with access to materials from a variety of media, including eBooks and digital technology.

Students visit the Knowledge Commons for weekly Literary and Research lessons. During this time, they listen to, read and discuss a range of books and other materials; learn to use the library effectively; and explore strategies for finding and utilising information. Encouraged to borrow regularly from the self-serve checkout, the students become familiar with a wide range of genres and materials.

Alongside traditional library materials, digital media and the internet play a significant part in supporting the curriculum. To provide access to these, the Knowledge Commons utilises the School’s ICT infrastructure. St Michael’s students also have access to an extensive range of resources – including AV equipment, robots, and the 3D printer.

St Michael’s offers a variety of excellent indoor and outdoor facilities for hire. If you’re interested in renting one of our available spaces, please visit our Facility Hire page for more information.

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