All applications for 2019 scholarships are now closed.

Thank you for your interest in scholarships at St Michael’s Grammar School.

Applications are currently closed, however information about upcoming scholarships will be made available via this page as soon as they re-open.

If you have further questions about the School’s scholarships program, please contact the Student Recruitment Team on +61 3 8530 3310 or

Please note dates and content will be updated once the key dates in the process are determined for the upcoming scholarship program.

How much does it cost to register for a St Michael’s scholarship?

Applications cost $100 each, with payment made via the EduTest online registration page. See the How to Apply section above for application details.

I have now completed the online application form. How do I submit my child’s current photograph, copy of birth certificate/passport, two most recent school reports and current NAPLAN results?

You will be sent instructions on how to do this after you have registered. If you are having trouble uploading these documents after receiving the instructions, please contact the Admissions Team on +61 3 8530 3310.

Can I provide additional information and documentation to support my child’s application?

Only information requested on the online application form, a current photograph, birth certificate/passport, the student’s two most recent school reports, and current NAPLAN results will be accepted as part of the initial application. The School will not accept CDs, DVDs, letters of reference, copies of awards or certificates, newspaper clippings or any other additional information unless requested.

My child is unable to attend the exam on the specified date. Can they sit it elsewhere?

If your child is unable to attend the academic exam at St Michael’s, you will need to contact EduTest on +61 3 9014 1411 to discuss if they will be able to offer an online testing option for your child. Please ensure you can make alternative arrangements with EduTest before applying.

Can I have my child’s academic test results before the end of the process?

Academic test results will not be disclosed to any applicant until the entire process is complete. No exceptions will apply.

Why does St Michael’s offer Excellence Scholarships?

Scholarship recipients are expected to contribute fully to the life of the School. As well as participating in compulsory programs, recipients are expected to engage in other facets and programs of the School outside of the classroom. All St Michael’s students are encouraged to explore their talents, skills, knowledge and passions across all areas, rather than just remaining in one specialist area. If, however, students demonstrate exceptional talents in one area (e.g. instrumental music), that talent will of course be fostered and supported through St Michael’s programs.

What does ‘contributing to the life of the School’ mean?

This question features on all application forms, regardless of the year level being applied for. It means the ways in which the student feels they can and will contribute to extracurricular and co-curricular programs on offer, as well as ways they think they will be able to serve as a role model for their peers.

How much weight will be given to the academic test scores?

St Michael’s takes a holistic approach to the scholarship process. The School looks at all the information provided as part of the applicant’s application form, two most recent school reports and current NAPLAN results, and academic test results. All applicants are expected to have high academic potential and proven academic performance in order to meet the academic rigour expected at St Michael’s.

What is a St Michael’s scholarships ‘conversation’?

Please refer to the Conversation Information section above.

The selection criteria refer to ‘conversations’. Will my child definitely be required to attend?

Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications received and the selection criteria used, the School will not be able to invite every student to attend a conversation. The information submitted on the application form, the academic test, two most recent school reports and current NAPLAN results will be used to determine which candidates will be selected to attend a conversation. Second-round conversations may take place later in the process, and applicants will be contacted individually if they are required to attend.

If my child is invited to attend a conversation, what do they need to prepare?

Please refer to the Conversation Information section above.

When will I know if my child will be required to attend a conversation?

Please refer to the Key dates in the process section above.

If my child is invited to attend a conversation, when will these be held?

Please refer to the Key dates in the process section above. A specific time and date for a conversation will be offered to applicants who reach this stage. These times and dates are not negotiable.

It is later the specified date, and my child did not receive an invitation for a conversation. Are they out of the process?

All applications remain under consideration until the entire process is complete. Depending on how the process evolves, second-round conversations may be held after Friday 4 September. Applicants will be contacted individually if they are required to attend a second-round conversation.

What does ‘St Michael’s Excellence Scholarships are means-tested’ mean?

Scholarships are awarded to families who, for financial reasons, require assistance for their child to attend St Michael’s. Families of shortlisted applicants will therefore be required to submit a Statement of Financial Information form, which constitutes the ‘means-testing’ element of the application.

What is the limit of earnings to be eligible under the means-testing criteria?

As every year has a different cohort of applicants, and each family’s financial situation may vary considerably, there is no defined limit or set amount that makes a family eligible (or ineligible) under the means-testing criteria. However, the philosophy behind the St Michael’s scholarship program is based on access and equity, and providing opportunities for students who would not be able to attend the School without financial assistance. The School asks that all families who are applying for a Scholarship consider this carefully.

What is the decision-making process by which students are awarded scholarships?

St Michael’s takes a holistic approach to the scholarship process. The following information is assessed when determining which applicants will be offered a scholarship:

  • information about the student provided on the application form
  • the student’s two most recent school reports and current NAPLAN results
  • the EduTest academic test results
  • the outcome of any possible conversations
  • information provided on the Statement of Financial Information form
  • outcome of any possible interview with the Head of the School.

At what rate are scholarships awarded?

The School awards scholarships at 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of the tuition fee. This amount is decided on an individual basis. Please note that scholarships only apply to the tuition fee and that other levies and charges will apply. Read more about the School’s annual fees and charges.

How many scholarships does St Michael’s offer at each year level?

There is no set number of scholarships offered at each year level. The School has a number of scholarships available, and will award them on a case-by-case basis. Each year, however, St Michael’s has the capacity to offer one scholarship to the child or grandchild of an Old Michaelian.

When will I be informed whether or not my child has been successful?

It is expected that all applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application (including their academic test results) by early August 2016. However, depending on how the process evolves, this date may be subject to change.

Can the School provide feedback on how my child could improve their application for future years?

Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications received and in fairness to all applicants, the School does not provide individual feedback on why an application may have been unsuccessful, or areas which could be improved in future. No exceptions will apply.

My child was unsuccessful in gaining a Scholarship – can they apply again next year?

As long as your child is entering any year between Years 5–10 inclusive, they are welcome to apply for a future scholarship, even if unsuccessful in the past.

Does St Michael’s accept scholarship applications for outside of the formal application period, or consider applications under extenuating circumstances?

The School only accepts applications as part of the normal scholarship process. No exceptions will apply.