At St Michael’s, we are proud of our innovative approach to teaching, learning and caring and we seek to provide the very best environment to enable our students to thrive. Our values of Dignity, Respect, Care and Compassion are based on the tradition of caring imbued by our founders, the Community of the Sisters of the Church.

When the Sisters of the Church embarked on their journey to Australia in 1895, it was thanks to the generosity of donors who agreed to support the ambitious undertaking. And when the Sisters purchased Marlton House, the first home of St Michael’s Grammar School and still an important part of our School today, the purchase was made possible through another generous donation.

Much later in the School’s history Sister Scholastica herself was a pioneer in leading campaigns to support the School’s expanding needs and to provide the best facilities for students.

Just as the values of the Sisters underpin our approach to education today, their tradition of philanthropy also continues. In 2019 the Board approved a new philanthropy strategy which has two main goals:

  • to establish a sustainable scholarships program through planned growth of the St Michael’s Scholarship Fund, and
  • to assist the School to maintain, and continually improve, the facilities and infrastructure expected of a leading independent school to provide the best learning environment for our students.

Current projects

Creating Opportunity through Scholarships

To achieve the first goal, we are focussing on growing our Scholarship Fund so that we can expand the number of scholarships that we can offer each year. Donations can be made at any time of year to support the Scholarships Fund.

St Michael’s has always been committed to providing an education that encourages our students to achieve their best, enables them to explore and develop their passions, and equips them to be contributing citizens.

For more than 100 years the St Michael’s Scholarship program has aimed to allow for as many students as possible to benefit from the high-quality education we offer. An education that will enable them to explore their talents, unlock their potential and give them the skills and knowledge to change the world.

On Thursday 26 May we will hold our 2022 Giving Day in support of our All Rounder Scholarships.

All Rounder Scholarships are only awarded to students who do not have the financial means to start, or continue, their St Michael’s education. Students who have demonstrated strengths, interests and achievements in a broad range of activities. Recipients of this Scholarship are enthusiastic and reliable contributors to all facets of life, in and outside of school.

Help us share the spirit of St Michael’s so that we can offer a greater number of All Rounder Scholarships and help more young people can have the education they deserve.

Watch our Giving Day video here:

Giving to St Michael’s

Through the generosity of Matching Donors, all donations made on the day, Thursday 26 May, up to our target of $150,000, will be doubled. This means your donation will have even more impact.

Please donate at charidy.com/stmichaels



To achieve the first goal, we are focussing on growing our Scholarship Fund so that we can expand the number of scholarships that we can offer each year. Donations can be made at any time of year to support the Scholarships Fund.

Our annual Giving Day is also an opportunity to support Scholarships. This year’s Giving Day will be held on Thursday 26 May. Further information on Giving Day will be available closer to the date.

If you would like to support Scholarships at St Michael’s, you can make a tax-deductible donation to the St Michael’s Grammar School Scholarship Fund here.


Improving Facilities and Infrastructure – St George’s Redevelopment

Our Performing Arts program both nurtures students of outstanding talent and encourages all students to discover the joy of creativity. The program also provides an opportunity for our students to better understand the potential for a career in the arts – as performers or creative practitioners.

For many years the Performing Arts program has been based in the heritage-listed St George’s Church. This much-loved building has a rich history as a vibrant hub for the community and strong associations with significant aspects of the region’s broader history. However, the building has started to decline making it increasingly unfit for the School’s purpose and putting at risk its distinctive heritage features.

Work has begun on this important project to provide our students with a performance and rehearsal venue of the highest quality, a state-of-the-art theatre seating 400, all within a unique heritage structure. You can find out more about the project here.

There are 28 beautiful stained-glass windows within the Church, which have largely been unseen and certainly unappreciated, for very many years. All display the highest standard of design and craftsmanship and were created by the leading stained-glass artisans of the late 19 century.

The windows will all be fully restored as part of the redevelopment and the design will mean that the stained-glass windows become a striking feature of the theatrical space.

An opportunity exists for families to celebrate their relationship with St Michael’s by supporting the restoration of a stained-glass window. Your support will be recognised by a plaque adjacent to the window which will remain in the Church in perpetuity.

There are 28 stained-glass windows and so this opportunity is only available to a limited number of supporters. The windows differ in size, prominence and significance which allows for a flexible range of options for support.

By choosing to support the restoration of these beautiful windows you will not only secure lasting recognition of your families’ links to St Michael’s you will also be recognised as important contributors to the restoration of the windows and to the redevelopment of St George’s Church.

Other options also exist to support the St George’s Redevelopment.

For further information about this exciting opportunity contact Ros Casey at rcasey@stmichaels.vic.edu.au or phone 03 8530 3315.

If you would like to support this exciting project you can make a tax-deductible donation to the St Michael’s Grammar School Buildings Fund here.

How to donate

You can make a donation today by choosing one of the options below.

To find out more about our programs or to discuss how you can support St Michael’s contact Ros Casey, Director of Advancement, on 8530 3315 or rcasey@stmichaels.vic.edu.au.

Your generous support for St Michael’s is always appreciated.

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