10 October, 2019 Arts

Artistic talents on display at 12 Exhibition

The annual 12 Exhibition is an opportunity for our talented VCE Visual Communication Design, Studio Arts, Media and Art students to showcase their impressive final works in a commercial gallery.

The exhibition opened last night at Brightspace Gallery in the vibrant artistic hub of St Kilda to an audience of families, students and special guests.

“The exhibition provides a valuable opportunity for students to showcase their work from a diverse range of VCE classes,” said St Michael’s Head of Visual Art and Design, Miss Monique Warwick. “It is a significant moment for each of the students, as for most of them this is the first time their artwork will be displayed publicly.”

12 Exhibition allows students to experience what it’s like to deliver a public exhibition and to transition from creating art as a student at St Michael’s, to leaving school and making art in a world beyond the School gates.

It also serves as an opportunity for our senior students to connect with professional artists and designers.

Year 12 students Isobel and Charlie addressed the audience, speaking about the creativity, determination, resilience, courage and collaboration required to complete a folio subject for VCE.

Artistic talents on display at 12 Exhibition Year 12 students Isobel and Charlie spoke on the evening

The highly anticipated St Michael’s Board Acquisition Prize was also awarded last night.  Each year the St Michael’s Board of Directors acquires a piece of student artwork from the 12 Exhibition that is then displayed at the School.

Acting Chair of the Board, Professor Gabriele Lakomski, awarded the Board Acquisition Prize to Year 12 student, Luca, for his Studio Arts (Mixed Media) piece; a striking work of enamel paint on foam.

  • artistic-talents-on-display-at-12-exhibition
    Acting Chair of the Board, Professor Gabriele Lakomski, presenting Luca with his award
  • artistic-talents-on-display-at-12-exhibition
    Luca's Studio Arts (Mixed Media) artwork

The exhibition runs until Sunday, and we encourage the School community to visit Brightspace Gallery to view the exhibition and support our Year 12 students during the opening hours listed below.

12 Exhibition

Thursday 10 October – Sunday 13 October
Brightspace Gallery, 8 Martin Street, St Kilda
Thursday – Friday, 11am to 5pm | Saturday – Sunday, 12pm to 4pm