03 December, 2020 7-12 spotlight - Academic - Arts

Artistic talent on display at the Virtual 12 Exhibition

The annual 12 Exhibition is an opportunity for our talented VCE Visual Communication Design, Studio Arts, Media, and Art students to showcase their impressive final works in a commercial gallery setting.

In the past, the Exhibition has been staged in the Brightspace Gallery in St Kilda. This year, the exhibition was reimagined for the virtual setting. Brighterspace 2020 recreates the gallery and allows viewers to explore students’ artwork on the virtual walls of the gallery, and their films in the virtual Astor Theatre.

I am delighted that our traditional 12 Exhibition featuring the artworks of our Year 12 students has been reimagined and can now be viewed as a virtual exhibition.Mrs Terrie Jones, Head of the School

For most students, this is the first time that their artwork will be displayed by a commercial gallery. The 12 Exhibition allows students to experience a transition from creating art as a student at St Michael’s, to leaving school and making art in a world beyond the School gates.

This year, many in the St Michael’s community have felt that the challenges of 2020 have brought out an incredible complexity, creativity and depth to the students’ works.

“I think overall, it is the strongest array of creative expression I have seen in my time at the School. St Michael’s art is always excellent, this year it is at the next level. I think somehow the adversity and the collective experience has added a dimension and potency to the work that is simply outstanding.” – Mrs Terrie Jones, Head of the School.

Each year the St Michael’s Board of Directors acquires a piece of student artwork from the 12 Exhibition that is then displayed at the School. This year the Board Acquisition Prize was awarded to Year 12 student, Ruby, for her photographic works Alone and Man Ironing.

Students, staff, family, friends and community members are encouraged to visit the 12 Exhibition on the Brightspace website to help us celebrate the incredible artistic talents of our Year 12 students.

The art and design work, which was predominantly undertaken during remote learning, is inspirational. I am excited and optimistic about the mark our Year 12s will make on the world beyond school. I know the world needs their gifts and I know they are creative, capable and kind.Mrs Terrie Jones, Head of the School