28 March, 2023 Academic - Old Michaelians

Clare Flynn: Mastering the art of VCE

At St Michael’s, students are encouraged to explore their strengths and participate in a breadth of activities, beyond their academic commitments. These opportunities allow our students to discover their passions, and leave the School confident in their ability to engage with the possibilities of the world around them.

Immersing herself in a variety of scholastic pursuits, Class of 2022 graduate Clare Flynn found the right balance to accomplish much more than an outstanding ATAR of 98.9.

Clare held leadership positions including Kilburn Co-Captain and Volleyball Captain, and also contributed to several groups such as the Wellbeing committee, Community Action, Reconciliation Action committee and was editor of the School Magazine: The Phoenix. Clare also participated in House Aerobics, House Athletics, House Cross Country, House Swimming, Netball Academy, and competed as part of the ACS Swim team.

“It was definitely a super packed year but being a part of all of these events and groups helped balance out the more serious academic demands of Year 12.”Clare Flynn

In addition to juggling her extra-curricular activities, Clare took on a challenging subject mix including French, Studio Arts, Literature, Philosophy and Further Maths.

One of Clare’s favourite VCE subjects was Studio Arts, as she was able to truly immerse herself in the course work and find the inspiration that sparked her creativity. It was also rewarding for Clare to have her work displayed at the at Brightspace Gallery in St Kilda.

More recently, Clare was named as a finalist in Top Arts 2023, an exhibition that showcases extraordinary works of art and folios that achieved outstanding results in VCE Art or Studio Art. Along with other talented students, Clare’s work will be on display at The Ian Potter Centre, NGV until 9 July, 2023. More information about the Exhibition can be found here.

  • clare-flynn-mastering-the-art-of-vce
    7-12 House Aerobics competition (2022).
  • clare-flynn-mastering-the-art-of-vce
    Clare (right) at the 2022 Brightspace exhibition with Eliza Meckiff (OM 2022) (left).

Having been a student at St Michael’s since 4 Year Old Kindergarten (now known as Pre-Prep) Clare forged some strong bonds at the school. It was these connections with friends and teachers that made her time at St Michael’s enjoyable and welcoming, especially during her final year.

“One of the most rewarding parts of Year 12 was getting to SWOTVAC and feeling supported by everyone around me and as though I didn’t need to put an extreme amount of pressure on myself.”

When asked what advice she would give to future VCE students, Clare’s top tip is to choose subjects you genuinely enjoy, as you will give them more time and dedication, likely leading to better results. Clare also suggests finding productive ways to procrastinate.

  • clare-flynn-mastering-the-art-of-vce
    Kindergarten class photo.
  • clare-flynn-mastering-the-art-of-vce
    Junior School 'Parent Day'.

“Acknowledging when you need a break is super important, and I found it a huge help to spend my study breaks doing things that would make me feel better in the long term. I spent a lot of time working on my trials for Studio Arts or walking my dog, which gave me a chance to rest my head but didn’t leave me feeling guilty”.

This year, Clare has begun studying a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne and is looking forward to exploring the possibilities that an Arts degree can provide.

We congratulate Clare on all she has achieved during her time at St Michael’s and look forward to following her journey beyond the school gates.