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At St Michael’s, pastoral care is the reciprocal involvement of all in fostering a community that encourages the personal growth of each individual in their physical, academic, creative, social, emotional and spiritual dimensions. Our unique Pastoral Care Triage process ensures that each student receives the support they need from the most relevant health and wellbeing services.

Further to our supportive and caring ethos, there are many opportunities (events, activities, roles, and programs) embedded within the School that collectively aim to develop students’ resilience, academic achievement, health and wellbeing. Effective pastoral care enables students to identify their strengths, talents and passions, and to have the confidence to apply these in becoming contributing citizens in the wider community.

Our pastoral care structures are supported by an integrated wellbeing program that incorporates the concepts of Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment and Health. Positive Education is a term used at St Michael’s to describe the empirically validated learning activities and programs we implement that have the capacity to positively impact student wellbeing. It combines the science of Positive Psychology and wellbeing with excellence in pedagogy, teaching wellbeing knowledge, skills and strategies, through an explicit curriculum and the lived experience of strengths-based learning at school.

As a student journeys through St Michael’s, they will develop understanding about the importance of a positive approach to their wellbeing. They will gain the necessary skills to; demonstrate self-awareness and personal efficacy, seek opportunities to engage fully with their life, treat themselves and others with respect, show compassion for all in the community and the environment, care for their physical and emotional health, and connect socially and spiritually.