The St Michael’s House system teaches students about personal accountability, allegiance, loyalty and belonging. Central to wellbeing, the House system is interwoven with each student’s life. There are four St Michael’s Houses from Prep to Year 6, and five Houses from Years 7 to 12.

Each student is accompanied by a close-knit House group through the years, jointly representing their House in community events, performances, assemblies and sporting contests.

Students take great pride in their House affiliation, with friendly rivalry adding a sense of excitement. Some students follow in their parents’ or grandparents’ footsteps by joining the same House. The House system guides students through school life, complemented by a dedicated team of professional tutors, class teachers, learning mentors and school psychologists who work in consultation with students, teachers and parents to foster a supportive and encouraging culture.


In Preparatory to Year 6, the four Houses and their colours are:

  • Cintra – light blue
  • Marlton – red
  • Moss – orange
  • Woods – navy blue.


In Years 7–12, the five Houses and their colours are:

  • Breen – maroon and white
  • Hughes – white and navy blue
  • Kilburn – green and navy blue
  • Mitre – light blue and dark blue
  • Sarum – gold and brown.

Students participate in many House activities, including Drama, Music, Debating, Singing, Chess, eSports, Aerobics, Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics, Positive Learning and Community Action.