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The Sisters Festival Concert

26 Aug, 2023 @ 7.00pm - 9.30pm
Canberra Girls Grammar Senior School Hall Live Stream

The Sisters of the Church Music Festival brings together students and staff from the Emily Schools to celebrate the tradition, history and ongoing story of the Sisters of the Church and builds connections through music in the spirit of the original vision and values of Mother Emily.

As schools founded by The Sisters of the Church, we come together to revel in the power of music, to inspire one another, and to strengthen our bonds through shared melodies. This festival is a unique opportunity to showcase our students talents, foster connections with fellow musicians, and honour the rich heritage of the story of The Sisters of the Church.

This concert will feature individual school performance items in addition to the combined Festival Jazz Band, Wind Ensemble, Choir and Symphony Orchestra. There will also be a premiere of Australian composer Paul Jarman’s latest work which has been commissioned for this event.

The concert will be live streamed from Canberra, tickets available here.