Giving Day 2023

25 May, 2023 @ 10.00 am
St Michael's Grammar School 25 Chapel Street, St Kilda VIC 3182

Giving Day is an opportunity for our whole extended School community to come together and help raise money in support of our Scholarships program.

This year Giving Day will again be a feature of the Merry Month of May, the month when our students come together to raise both awareness and funds for community causes that they have selected.

Giving Day will be held on Thursday 25 May. This is the one day each year when we reach out to our whole extended community and ask you to emulate the example set by our students and give generously. However, rather than community causes, we want you to support our students – by contributing to the St Michael’s Scholarships Fund.

When students receive a scholarship at St Michael’s they receive many benefits. In making it financially possible for a student to attend our School they may, for the first time, have access to support through an accelerated learning program. Or we might provide them with a music teacher and a music program that was simply not available at their previous School. Or with access to a credentialled sport coach and specialist equipment for the first time.

Importantly, they will always be provided with a mentor to guide and support them. In return we ask that our scholarship students participate in the life of the School. We want them to use their talents to inspire their peers and to be active and contributing members of the School community, modelling our values of Dignity, Respect, Care and Compassion.

We also take our commitment to the students very seriously. Our scholarships are not offered for a single year, or just for Junior School or Senior School. Scholarships are offered for the whole of the student’s time with us – from the year they take up their Scholarship until they finish Year 12.

We are very proud that over the past few years  we have increased the number of Scholarships offered. We offered 12 scholarships for the 2023 School year and we have recently offered 22 scholarships for the 2024 School year. Of these, 15 were for new students.

Every young person should have the chance to shine but they often need help to do so and a scholarship can be a big help.

For just one day, on Thursday 25 May we will be asking our St Michael’s Community to give generously to support our Scholarships Program. Just one day – 24 hours – but what a difference it makes!

To make a donation, click here.