Preparing our students for the next step in their lives is our fundamental obligation at St Michael’s.

At St Michael’s, academic success is measured by the ability of our students to enter their next phase of learning in their preferred field, armed with confidence in their background, skills and ability to continue as confident learners. We are very proud of our students’ academic performance and congratulate all Year 12 students on their personal achievements.


In 2018:

  • 56% of students received an ATAR of 80 or more
  • 30% of students received an ATAR of 90 or more
  • 16% of students received an ATAR of 95 or more
  • 6% of students received an ATAR of 98 or more


2018 is a great year of VCE performances at St Michael’s, reflected by the fact that 6% of the cohort achieved ATARs of 98 or better, 30% of the cohort had an ATAR of 90 or better and 56% of the cohort had an ATAR of 80 or better.

The Class of 2018 has been encouraged and supported by our committed teaching staff to follow their passions and excel in their areas of choice. This can be seen in the strong scores achieved across a broad range of studies, including study scores of 40 and above for:

  • 36% of our Philosophy students
  • 35% of our Physical Education students
  • 33% of our Art students
  • 33% of our Product Design & Technology students
  • 27% of our Food Studies students


The high level of results across the curriculum is a true reflection of the diversity of interests and abilities of St Michael’s students.

There were five perfect scores of 50, achieved in the following studies by the following students:

  • Food Studies – Olivia Walker
  • Health and Human Development – Jemma Hunter
  • Health and Human Development – Natasha Vranes
  • Psychology – Natasha Vranes
  • Studio Arts – Bronte Smeaton

We congratulate our Dux of the School for 2018, Stan Russo, who applied himself to the challenging academic subject mix of Chemistry, Specialist Mathematics, Physics, Mathematical Methods and English, to achieve an outstanding score of 99.15.

Tertiary offers:

From our Class of 2018, 142 students undertook VCE, and 131 of our students applied for tertiary courses. We are pleased to say that of the students who applied for a tertiary course, 97.7% received a first-round offer through VTAC.

You can find out more about the wide variety of single and double degree courses that were chosen by our students here.

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To find out more, explore How to Enrol or contact our Student Recruitment Team on +61 3 8530 3310 or at studentrecruitment@stmichaels.vic.edu.au.