18 January, 2021 Academic

Class of 2020 receive first-round tertiary offers

Following the release of their outstanding VCE results, our Class of 2020 graduates received first-round tertiary offers late last week.

St Michael’s students have a long history of continuing to a variety of university courses and other post-school pathways, and our 2020 graduates have received offers that will allow them to take the next step into the tertiary course of their choice.

From our Class of 2020, 155 students completed VCE, and 150 students applied for tertiary courses. We are very pleased to share that 100% of those students received a tertiary offer.

In this very unusual year we have all experienced, I am delighted that all students who wanted a course through VTAC have received an offer.Miss Robyn McKenzie, Careers Counsellor

In order to guide students toward successful and fulfilling career choices, St Michael’s ensures that students are well-informed about all the possibilities available to them.  In their final years at the School, St Michael’s Careers Counsellor, Miss Robyn McKenzie, plays an important role in helping our students plan for their future by conducting individual interviews and group sessions that enable them to approach career opportunities with confidence, courage and purpose. Throughout the disruptions of 2020, Miss McKenzie and other committed staff members ensured that careers presentations and one-on-one career appointments went ahead, with most of these happening online.

Our 2020 graduates were offered places at a variety of tertiary institutions. Of our Class of 2020, 32 graduates received a January offer for Monash University, 30 for The University of Melbourne, 24 for RMIT, 20 for Swinburne, 12 for Deakin, 10 for Victoria University, eight for La Trobe, and three for Australian Catholic University, with the remaining students receiving offers from other providers.

St Michael’s students are known for their diversity of interests and abilities, which is highlighted in the wide variety of single- and double-degree courses chosen.

During 2020, many students questioned the path they should take beyond school, and whether jobs in fields such as Hospitality, Event Management, and the Arts may be affected by COVID-19. Due to the pandemic, some students became particularly interested in courses such as Scientific research, Epidemiology and Environmental issues.

The majority of offers were for courses in the area of Society and Culture with 44 offers, then 33 offers for Management and Commerce, Creative Arts had 30 offers, 20 for Natural and Physical Sciences, Health had 13, Engineering and related areas had 10, Architecture and Building had eight, Education had five, Information Technology had two, and Food, Hospitality and Personal Services, and Agriculture and Environmental Studies both had one offer.

As always, I am so thrilled when students receive an offer for their dream course, which was something they have always wanted”Miss Robyn McKenzie, Careers Counsellor

We would like to congratulate our Class of 2020 on their exceptional achievements whilst at St Michael’s. We wish all students the very best for what lies ahead and look forward to following them on their journey as Old Michaelians.