25 November, 2020 Academic

Vote for Remy in the ISV Student Film Festival

The ISV Student Film Festival is a celebration of the creative talents of student filmmakers.

Our Year 5 student, filmmaker and music producer Remy is a finalist in the Junior Years category.

Remy’s abstract film Stealing the Memory is a piece of experimental cinema. The two main devices used are a slow-motion silhouette of playing cards falling, intercut with images of dogs and children.

I wanted to reflect on the good moments in my life. I used my track called Stealing the Memory and images in silhouette as I was experimenting with black and white and I thought it looked good. The dog that you see in the film is Augie, an Airedale Terrier dancing around in the park.Remy (5S)
  • vote-for-remy-in-the-isv-student-film-festival
    A still from Stealing the Memory
  • vote-for-remy-in-the-isv-student-film-festival
    The motif of cards falling in slow motion

Acclaimed TV and film director David Swann offered comments on each of the films in the Junior Years category. About Stealing the Memory, David said “experimental cinema is one of the hardest genres to pull off, but the future of film narrative will never advance without it, so full marks to the adventurous creative spirit behind the piece.”

You can watch and vote for Stealing the Memory now! Voting closes at 5pm on Friday 27 November. Click here to watch and vote for Stealing the Memory.