30 December, 2020 Academic

VCE Results: Celebrating the Class of 2020

We are delighted to be able to share with you the wonderful VCE results of the Class of 2020.

Today marks the culmination of an especially demanding year for students across Victoria, a year that the St Michael’s Class of 2020 faced with grit, determination and a generosity of spirit that is remarkable. Their personal capabilities, their sense of social justice and their values have all been demonstrated in myriad ways over the course of their education and held them in good stead as the challenges presented by the pandemic unfolded.

Our students should be very proud of their achievements, and our whole community congratulates them for the manner in which they have conducted themselves this year. They leave school having learned many valuable lessons about themselves, and the world they will inherit and shape for the better in the years ahead. The students of St Michael’s have a long history of progressing to a diverse and broad range of post school pathways. Today’s results indicate the continuation of that tradition with the majority of the Class of 2020 achieving an ATAR that will enable them to take the next step into a tertiary course in their chosen area of study.

This year our students have achieved some wonderful VCE results, reflected in the fact that 13% of the cohort achieved ATARs of 95 or higher, 25% had an ATAR of 90 or higher and 42% had an ATAR of 80 or higher.

I would like to congratulate our Dux of the School for 2020, Sybilla George, who received an outstanding score of 99.75. Sybilla studied a well-balanced mix of subjects including Biology, Mathematical Methods, French, Global Politics, and scored a perfect study score of 50 in both Studio Arts and Literature.

I would also like to congratulate Alexandra Hose (99.6), Dylan Knight (99.4) and Sienna Di Natale (99.0). Dylan Knight and Sienna Di Natale both scored 50 in Physical Education.

The Class of 2020 has been encouraged and supported by all of our committed staff throughout the School to follow their passions, develop their strengths and excel in their areas of choice. This can be seen in the strong scores achieved across a broad range of studies, including study scores of 40 and above for 50% of our Italian students, 50% of Dance, 39% of Physical Education, 31% of Literature, 26% of Biology and 25% of Studio Arts.

All students of this amazing cohort are to be congratulated on their individual and collective achievements during two periods of prolonged lockdown. We have witnessed and benefitted from their creative re-interpretation of many of the events that normally characterise the year and their capacity to generate novel solutions to keep their peers feeling connected to the School. As a collective, they continued to build community through modelling care, compassion and support for their peers and I would like to thank them sincerely for their commitment in all areas of endeavour throughout their St Michael’s journey.

These talented, spirited and caring individuals start their journey beyond the School gates equipped with the confidence and agency to follow their passions and to make the world a better place.

To find out more about this year’s VCE results, view our results snapshot here.

Please join me in congratulating St Michael’s Class of 2020 on a remarkable set of personal achievements in this most extraordinary of years.