21 May, 2018 Academic

Kindergarten reflections: What is a school?


In Kindergarten at St Michael’s our learning is inquiry-driven, with a commitment to the values of the Reggio Emilia Education Project. Our educators support, guide and enrich each child’s thinking, and do not give answers readily. In this article, our educators from 4-year-old Kindergarten Arbor group show us how students are encouraged to be inquirers, to wonder and pose questions with many opportunities for critical, creative and reflective thinking. 

The exploration of concepts benefits young children emotionally and cognitively by developing their creativity, abstract thinking, wonder and problem-solving abilities. It also involves scientific learning possibilities such as developing an appreciation of the natural world and developing an understanding of protecting the world.

As a provocation for creating a ‘bucket’ for St Michael’s, Arbor students went for a walk around the School and drew pictures of different things they noticed. As educators, we were fascinated to listen to the children as they shared their discoveries. Before we ventured off to explore our school community, we asked the children to share their ideas about what a school is.

Kindergarten reflections: What is a school?

‘When teachers come and go to print photos of my drawing.’ — Anvith

‘It’s a place we play and study.’ — Lewis

‘You go to school to learn new stuff.’ — Winnie

‘A school is for drawing and playing.’ — Arlo

‘Big bricks and windows make a school, and there are teachers.’ — Violet

‘It’s learning for lots of people.’ — Milly

‘St Michael’s is a school to learn stuff and learning what good things are.’ — Oliver

‘I go to school because I have to learn and I want to learn.’ — Orlando

‘It’s something where you have to be quiet so other people can learn.’ — Isobel 

Our discussions along with exploring our school community have been planned to support the children in their creation of a ‘St Michael’s bucket’. When children are supported to connect with and contribute to their world, they develop a sense of belonging to a community and an understanding of the reciprocal rights and responsibilities necessary for active community participation.

Kindergarten reflections: What is a school?

Investigative student observations

‘Walking around St Michael’s was so interesting and very ‘compositive’. I didn’t realise our school was so massive. I think all the children should come to St Michael’s because it’s lots of fun and we learn lots of new stuff.’ — Milly 

‘Are we students? What are students?’ — Wolfy

‘Our school has old and new parts. I love this school. I’m going to stay here until I’m a mummy.’ — Winnie

‘I noticed the gym and the pool. Not all schools have a pool. I was happy to see it.’ — Arlo

Kindergarten reflections: What is a school?

Our investigation continues!

Written by
Mrs Rebecca Findlay, Early Childhood Teacher
Miss Julie GordonEarly Childhood Assistant  
Miss Belynda KennedyLearning Assistant (K-6)