08 June, 2018 Community

A collective responsibility: Environmental and Sustainability Project 2018

In the pursuit of improving the School’s sustainability, Student Leaders and Environmental Defender representatives met with staff and industry professionals to propose short and long-term goals that could significantly reduce waste and inspire recycling initiatives at the inaugural forum for the Environmental and Sustainability Project held on 7 June 2018.

A collective responsibility: Environmental and Sustainability Project 2018

Organised by Commercial & Property Coordinator, Mrs Phyllis Damiris and Director of Business, Mr Farai Mufuka, the project was initiated in 2016 to increase community collaboration and discuss measurable goals in the School’s efforts to become more sustainable.The forum provided an opportunity for students to meet with business and maintenance staff, parents, as well as the School’s cleaning, waste management, catering and energy providers. ‘It’s extremely important to collaborate and ensure we’re all on the same page when we come together in this forum,’ said Mr Mufuka.

‘It is also a valuable platform to empower and educate our students and staff to gain further knowledge as we work towards developing internal solutions and sustainable practices,’ added Mrs Damiris.

Senior Student Leaders, Luis, Jack and Nick, expressed the importance of educating the student body on the effects each individual’s actions have on our school environment and acknowledged that as leaders, change begins with setting an example for other students.

‘Role modelling can create behavioural change amongst the whole cohort,’ they said. ‘We do have an environmental responsibility.’

One of the School’s providers, Mr Daniel Hunter from Hunter Chemicals, expressed recognition of our students’ dedication to increasing the ecological balance on school grounds. ‘I’ve been in the business for 15 years and this is the first time I’ve attended a sustainability forum at a school,’ said Mr Hunter.

Many of the attendees offered numerous recommendations for the students’ goals and shared information on sustainability programs that are already occurring on campus. The School’s lighting contractor, Mr Trevor Baker from Integrated Outcomes, discussed his role of looking at our lighting landscape to transition to LED lighting.

‘We’re currently running optimisation processes and completing a site-wide audit; fixture by fixture, building by building and analysing the behavioural traits of the group to ensure indoor productive quality is not compromised,’ said Mr Baker.

Our youngest attendee and Year 2 Student Leader, Olive, voiced her opinion on recycling in the junior years. ‘I suggest we put colourful picture labels on bins in the junior years to make sure students don’t mix up their rubbish,’ said Olive. ‘If we make it more kid-friendly students will know what to do.’

It was incredible to see such passion and inspiration exchanged between the various stakeholders. We look forward to the many forums to come!

Below are some of the proposed student goals by Year 12 Student Leaders.


  •        More recycling bins on campus
  •        KeepCups for purchase at Dolly’s Café
  •        Reduce electricity usage after school hours through censored lighting
  •        Introduce a composting program within the junior years
  •        Survey to collect data on current school waste


  •         Water recycling schemes
  •         Solar panel implementation
  •         Decrease demand for plastic use
  •         LED lighting fixtures
  •         Visible water filling stations on campus to remove bottled water at the café