Class of 2023 VCE Excellence

The passion, resilience and authenticity of our Class of 2023 is reflected in both their 10-year record breaking VCE results, and the diverse and fulfilling tertiary pathways they have chosen. I am confident that each of our newest Old Michaelians will pursue rewarding careers and purposeful lives, grounded in our School’s values of Dignity, Respect, Care and Compassion. – Gerard Houlihan, Head of School

  • 35% of students received an ATAR over 90
  • 60% of students received an ATAR over 80
  • 13% of students received an ATAR over 95
  • 6% of students received an ATAR over 98
  • St Michael’s students report greater overall satisfaction with their schooling experience*


At St Michael’s, from Kindergarten to Year 12, we have a strong focus on combining academic studies with exceptional wellbeing programs and Co-Curricular opportunities. We strive for excellence in all learning areas, providing students with clear expectations and skilled instruction, while inspiring their curiosity, motivation and self-confidence.

As in the Junior School, our comprehensive educational program in Years 7-12 engages students intellectually, physically and socially, providing valuable critical thinking opportunities, and encouraging autonomous and collaborative learning. Students gain a detailed understanding of each discipline through active learning and deep engagement, within spaces that are responsive to their learning needs.


In Years 7 and 8, the curriculum reflects our belief that students in early secondary schooling benefit from participating in a broad range of core learning opportunities. In Year 7, students complete ten core subjects and their choice of Language. Electives are introduced in Year 8. Year 8 students continue with their choice of Language and, in addition to their core subjects, they have a choice of one Semester-long and two Term-long electives.

Year 9 students continue with their choice of Language. In addition to the core subjects, students have a choice of two Semester-long electives. Electives expand in Year 10, where students select a major proportion of their academic program. Subject choices in Year 10 increase significantly during this crucial year.

The St Michael’s VCE program in Years 11 and 12 features a comprehensive range of more than 40 subjects, including all major Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Psychology) and the full complement of Humanities (Accounting, Business Management, Economics, Geography, History, Legal Studies and Global Politics).

Please click here to read more about our curriculum.


The Co-Curricular programs at St Michael’s are designed to introduce students to a broad range of experiences in the areas of Outdoor Education, Performing Arts (Drama, Dance and Music), Sport (competitive and recreational), Public Speaking, Debating and Chess.

Students also have an opportunity to participate in a number of coordinated clubs, which meet regularly throughout the year. Clubs include Makerspace, Robotics, Art, French, Hip Hop, COSMOS (Science), Book Club, Public Speaking and Chess.

The Co-Curricular programs ensure that students are exposed to a variety of different activities and are provided with the opportunity to be extended in areas of their choice or passion, while also building relationships with others.

Please click here for the 7-12 Co-Curricular Calendar.


Sport is an important element of a child’s wellbeing and individual development. It nurtures health, fitness and team spirit. In addition to the in-class sports program, students have the opportunity to take part in House sport on a weekly basis.

House sporting events include swimming, athletics, cross country and aerobics. Students from Years 7–12 will be selected for representation at three major carnivals – swimming, athletics and cross country, in the Association of Coeducational Schools (ACS) competition, where all have the opportunity to progress to state level. Weekly sport is compulsory for students in Year 7 to Year 11 for the summer (Terms 1 and 4) and winter (Terms 2 and 3) seasons, while those in Year 12 have the option of playing in one or both sporting seasons.

St Michael’s does not require students to participate in weekend sports.

Performing Arts

St Michael’s students are immersed in a vast range of artistic activities including music, drama and dance. We believe that the performing arts play a vital role in assisting students to understand more about themselves, each other and the role the Arts have on our world.

In addition to performance, many students have the opportunity to be involved in production elements, such as lighting and sound operation, set construction and painting, stage management, and hair and make-up.

St Michael’s offers a wide choice of productions for students wanting to engage in drama or dance, as well as a broad range of instrumental and choral ensembles, all of which foster a life-long passion for the Arts, and have been the beginning of many successful careers.

House system and Wellbeing

Our House system teaches students about personal accountability, allegiance, loyalty and belonging. Central to wellbeing, the House system is interwoven with each student’s life at St Michael’s. There are five Houses from Year 7 to Year 12.

Each student is accompanied by a closeknit House group through the years, jointly representing their House in community events, performances, assemblies and sporting contests. Students take great pride in their House affiliation, with friendly rivalry adding a sense of excitement. Some students follow in their parents’ or grandparents’ footsteps by joining the same House.

The House system guides students through school life, complemented by a dedicated team of professional tutors, class teachers, learning mentors and school psychologists who work in consultation with students, teachers and parents to foster a supportive and encouraging culture.

Outdoor Education and Experiential Learning

Incorporating the beauty and vastness of Australia into the learning process, our Outdoor Education Program has been an important part of the educational journey at St Michael’s for more than 30 years. Our Outdoor Education program, the Exodus Program, operates from Year 4 to Year 11.

The emphasis is on personal growth through outdoor experiences, focusing on three strands: self, others and the natural world. Each year level has a specific theme, such as ‘Friends and Foundation’ in Year 7, and ‘Action and Reflection’ in Year 8, building sequentially on students’ experiences as they grow and develop new skills. These lead to the pinnacle of the program in Year 11, where students have the option of tackling the truly unique Kosi to Coast experience – a 20-day raft and hike expedition from Mount Kosciuszko all the way to the sea.

During their time at St Michael’s, students are enriched, challenged and empowered for the benefit of their personal development and capacity to make a positive contribution to the lives of others.

At St Michael’s, we know and value all students, recognising and supporting their individual strengths, voice and agency, preparing them to take the next step in their lives with a strong sense of self.

The enduring benefits of a St Michael’s education are expressed in the diversity, creativity and community spirit of our graduates, who leave the School with the determination to follow their passions, the confidence to lead in their fields of endeavour, and the wisdom to live balanced and meaningful lives inspired by a commitment to making the world a better place.


St Michael’s clubs are an integral and complementary part of the educational process. We are proud to provide students with the opportunity to discover new interests and build positive relationships with others.

The current coordinated activities include Makerspace, Kitchen Garden, Robotics, Art, French, Hip Hop, COSMOS (Science), Book Club, Mad About, Public Speaking, Chess and Environmental Defenders. Note: some clubs are available to certain year levels only.

View our Co-Curricular calendar below, which shows the diversity of opportunities available to students from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Please click here for the 7-12 Co-Curricular Calendar.

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