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St Michael’s is an open-entry school. We welcome students and families from all backgrounds, faiths and traditions, and our student gender balance reflects our commitment to diversity and equality in education.
St Michael’s main entry points are 3 Year Old Kindergarten, Preparatory, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 7. However, there are occasional vacancies in other years, and all enrolment enquiries are considered.

Prior to application, we recommend you attend an Open Morning to ensure that St Michael’s is the right school for your child.

School Tours are also available for imminent enrolment enquiries.

How to Enrol

Step 1

As a first step in the enrolment process, you will be required to complete the  Waitlist Application. In addition, we ask for a copy of your child’s birth certificate and visa documentation (if applicable), and payment of the $150 Application Fee.

Step 2

Prior to entry, you will be required to submit a full enrolment Form to progress your child’s application to the next stage of the process. At this time, we ask you to submit further supporting documentation:

  • Most recent school reports where entry beyond Prep is sought
  • Most recent NAPLAN report (where applicable)
  • Learning support or diagnostic reports, such as Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychologist
  • Guardianship documents (where applicable)
  • Court orders (where applicable)
  • International students must include results from a standard Language Testing Program such as AEAS

Step 3

Prior to entry, prospective students and their parents may be invited to attend an enrolment interview. This interview is conducted by a senior member of staff and is a mutual conversation with your child to determine whether St Michael’s is the right fit for your family.

If you have not done so already, we recommend you attend an upcoming Open Morning or School Tour.

Step 4

Following the interview, you may receive a formal Offer of Enrolment. To accept the offer, you must complete and submit the relevant documents provided by the noted due date, as well as make payment of the Confirmation of Enrolment Fee ($2,000).

Step 5

Your child will be welcomed to St Michael’s through our Orientation Program to ensure a smooth transition at the School.

Please note that the above processes may vary for international and Kindergarten students.

All students applying for a place at St Michael’s Grammar School who do not have English as their first language are required to submit AEAS assessment. This test can be completed either in Australia or in the applicant’s country of origin. Further information is available at AEAS (Australian Education Assessment Services).


If you have a question about our enrolment process, please refer to our FAQ, Enrolment Terms and Conditions and Annual Fees and Charges below, or you can contact the Student Enrolments Team on +61 3 8530 3310 or enrolments@stmichaels.vic.edu.au.

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To find out more, explore How to Enrol or contact our Student Enrolments Team on +61 3 8530 3310 or at enrolments@stmichaels.vic.edu.au.