24 June, 2021 Academic

Yuma wins fifth consecutive Apple Student Challenge

For the fifth year in a row, Year 9 student Yuma has been selected by Apple as a Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) Swift Student Challenge winner.

Thousands of students from around the world enter the competition each year to showcase their passion for coding and create an interactive scene to impress the judges at Apple, the world’s largest technology company.

In 2017, Yuma was the youngest winner of the challenge. He was invited to meet Apple CEO Tim Cook and even received a special mention in Tim’s keynote speech.

  • yuma-wins-fifth-consecutive-apple-student-challenge
  • yuma-wins-fifth-consecutive-apple-student-challenge
I met some highly inspirational people such as Tim Cook and Michelle Obama.Yuma (Year 9)

Yuma’s successes at the WWDC conferences have created many opportunities for him.

“Since my first WWDC, I started doing public speaking and even went to Egypt twice, where I was given an award by the President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi.

Yuma sees a career in technology as a lifelong journey of learning and creativity.

“Technology has many branches and paths to go down, and discovering new paths to take is probably the most exciting thing about coding and tech. You also get the chance to make whatever you like. What you make is only limited by your creativity.”

  • yuma-wins-fifth-consecutive-apple-student-challenge
    Yuma's award from Apple
  • yuma-wins-fifth-consecutive-apple-student-challenge
    Yuma was interviewed on television about his achievements

Yuma enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion for coding with others. He manages a YouTube channel called Anyone Can Code, a name which encapsulates his belief in the power of coding and technology.

“One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever been given would be to follow your passions and simply do what you enjoy, which is something I tell others to do too.” – Yuma

Yuma has many remarkable goals for the future. He would like to specialise in emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Reality, or another new technology with potential for future growth.

I hope I can create an app or something that can help to make people's lives better.Yuma (Year 9)

“I also have plans to update my website and some of my apps, as well as make some tutorials on my YouTube channel, Anyone Can Code. I want to grow my YouTube channel and inspire more people and kids to code.”

  • yuma-wins-fifth-consecutive-apple-student-challenge
    Yuma spoke about coding on television
  • yuma-wins-fifth-consecutive-apple-student-challenge
    The Egyptian President presenting Yuma with an award