30 May, 2019 Sport & Outdoor Ed

Year 6 Exodus – discovering strengths in Marysville

Last week our Year 6 students and staff set out on a five-day adventure to Marysville in the Yarra Valley as part of the School’s Year 6 Exodus program.

The focus of the week-long Exodus was for students to challenge themselves and step out of their comfort zones. For many of our Year 6 students this was the longest time they have spent away from home and their family members.

“During the Exodus, we faced our fears, overcame challenges, laughed, cried and quite possibly experienced every single emotion,” said Year 6 Teacher, Miss Naomi Henry. “After the journey, we all came away with a smile on our face and pride in our hearts.”

Year 6 student Max, explained that one of the most challenging aspects of the program is the two-night camp-out which takes place on the middle nights of Exodus.

Students are required to pitch a tent, prepare and cook their own food and brave the cold weather at night.

It was the longest Exodus I’ve done and it was also the first time I’ve slept in a tent. It was pretty full on but it was a really fun experience.Year 6 student, Max

In participating in activities such as rock climbing, abseiling, bush art, preparing food in an outdoor setting and bushwalking, students had the opportunity to work together as a team and build self-confidence.



“I had lots of trouble with the rock climbing at the start because it was so high off the ground and you really need to trust the person doing the belaying,” said Year 6 student, Gracie. “I was so scared, but eventually, I overcame my fear and put trust in the people I was working with, and I did it!”

“My favourite part of the Exodus was the abseiling,” said Year 6 student, Leila. “Before doing it we learnt how to tie knots, such as the double figure eight knot which is the one you can trust your life on,” Leila explained. “I’m quite terrified of heights but I did it anyway and it actually wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be.”

Throughout the experience, one of the biggest lessons learnt by the students was that even when things get tough, you just have to have confidence in yourself and do your best.

It might be hard but you just have to keep going.Year 6 student, Gracie

“One thing I learnt was that things can’t be perfect all the time,” said Max. “Usually, I like things in order but there were moments when we were walking and things were not going to plan but I realised at the end of the day it’s OK, we are still going to get to our destination.”

Well done to all our Year 6 students who took part in this exciting and rewarding Exodus. With their new found skills and strengths they are well equipped to tackle any challenges the future may hold.