19 May, 2023 Community

What a difference a day makes

On Thursday 25 May St Michael’s will hold our 2023 Giving Day in support of Scholarships at St Michael’s. It is the one day of the year when we reach out to our extended community and ask them to support our Scholarships program.

Every young person should have the chance to shine but they almost always need help to do so. Sometimes all that is required is support and encouragement, but often it is access to the right teachers, the right equipment or the right environment to flourish. St Michael’s has been offering this to students, through scholarships, since 1916. Over that time many hundreds of students have been given the chance to follow their passion and excel.

And what a difference that has made, to the individual, to St Michael’s and to the wider community. Old Michaelians who have benefited from scholarships have gone on to stellar careers in the performing arts and sport, become doctors and scientists or to excel in academic fields, establish their own businesses, and found not-for-profit organisations. Overwhelmingly, in keeping with St Michael’s goal to graduate contributing global citizens, our scholarship students have been characterised by their willingness to give back and make a difference.

However, the value of a scholarship transcends the monetary support, or the benefit of a good education. Scholarships give a young person a sense of inclusion, a sense of worth and a belief that they are valued and that they can contribute. That their dreams are valid.

We ask that our scholarship students participate in the life of the School. We want them to use their talents to inspire their peers and to be active and contributing members of the School community, modelling our values of Dignity, Respect, Care and Compassion.

We also take our commitment to the students very seriously. Our scholarships are not offered for a single year, or just for Junior School or Senior School. Scholarships are offered for the whole of the student’s time with us – from the year they start until they finish Year 12. We are very proud that we have been able to increase the number of Scholarships we offer over the past few years. We offered 12 scholarships for the 2023 School year, and we have recently offered 22 scholarships for the 2024 School year. Of these, 15 were for new students.

Through our annual Giving Days, we are seeking support for scholarships to enable even more students to have the advantage of a scholarship so they can develop their talents, passions and skills and use those attributes to make a contribution to the wider world. Every donation helps.

For just one day, on Thursday 25 May we are asking our St Michael’s Community to give generously to support our Scholarships Program. Just one day – 24 hours – but what a difference it makes!

Through the generosity of the following Matching Donors, all donations made on the day, Thursday 25 May, up to our target of $150,000, will be doubled. This means your donation will have even more impact.

The King Family

St Michael’s Parent Community Association

The Board of St Michael’s Grammar School

Daniel and Tanya Allison

Steve and Mary Brett

St Michael’s School Executive


Bank of Melbourne

Bob Stewart Pty Ltd


Campion Education

Cerno Property Services

Driver Group Australia

Hunter Group

Mattioli Bros

Mermaid Property Services

Monjon Australia Pty Ltd

Moray and Agnew Lawyers

The Outdoor Education Group

Please donate at charidy.com/stmichaels