07 May, 2021 Academic

Virtual Reality taking learning from the classroom to the community

In Term 1 2021, St Michael’s Year 7 Humanities students were challenged to conduct a ‘liveability’ survey in a suburb of their choice, collecting their own primary and secondary data to assess how liveable the suburb is. Students took photos, made observations, surveyed residents, and drew findings from relevant websites, council documents and census data. On their geography fieldwork trip to Windsor Siding and Windsor Station, students used drone technology and their Surface Pro devices to collect data on St Michael’s local suburb of Windsor.

  • virtual-reality-taking-learning-from-the-classroom-to-the-community
    The Geography fieldwork trip to Windsor Siding
  • virtual-reality-taking-learning-from-the-classroom-to-the-community
    Students learning how to use CoSpaces

The task was based on a 2015 study conducted by The Age, where each of Melbourne’s 321 suburbs was rated in terms of its liveability – the combination of all the factors that add up to a community’s quality of life. The fascinating study utilised data from the national census and other sources to score each suburb on 15 key indicators, including proximity to the CBD, the beach and public transport, the number of schools, parks, and trees, and even internet and mobile phone coverage.

I loved this liveability unit. It was fun but also very educational as I learnt about the 15 key liability factors and how they play a role in people wanting to live in the suburb or not. It was also fun to walk around Windsor and take photos of the different things the suburb had to offer.Molly (7B)


When photographing their suburb, students needed to justify the services they felt were important, such as public transport, post offices, shops, housing, and restaurants. Their observations also included topics such as pollution, infrastructure, green spaces, and traffic.

CoSpaces was really fun. Coding and using CoBlocks is fun and adds so much to the creation. There seems to be a tool for everything.Declan (7M)
  • virtual-reality-taking-learning-from-the-classroom-to-the-community
    Students learning to use CoSpaces
  • virtual-reality-taking-learning-from-the-classroom-to-the-community

At the end of the project, students were to deduce how liveable their suburb is currently, determine those strategies that had already been implemented to improve the suburb, and some that could be implemented in future.

CoSpaces has provided me with skills and an understanding of a different app and platform. CoSpaces was challenging but also rewarding, figuring out all the things you can create.Phoebe (7M)

Using a combination of data collection methods and cutting-edge technology, students were enabled to learn holistically about their suburb and think critically about urban design and planning and the future of technology.

  • virtual-reality-taking-learning-from-the-classroom-to-the-community
    A CoSpaces creation coming together
  • virtual-reality-taking-learning-from-the-classroom-to-the-community
    Mr Ed Wong teaching students to use CoSpaces