09 April, 2024 Academic

2023 Dux Camille Letts: A Journey of Balance, Not Sacrifice

At St Michael’s, Camille’s story unfolded not only within the confines of textbooks and classrooms but also in the vibrant tapestry of the School’s Co-Curricular activities. During her time at the School, Camille was a leader, an athlete, an actor, a seeker of hidden truths, and a weaver of words.

The ethos at St Michael’s encourages students to explore their strengths and participate in a breadth of activities beyond their academic commitments. For Camille, this philosophy became her guiding star. She immersed herself in a variety of academic and Co-Curricular pursuits, discovering her passions and leaving the School confident in her ability to engage with the possibilities of the world around her.

Camille’s academic prowess shone brightly. As the Dux of the School, she achieved an impressive ATAR of 99.35. Camille’s VCE journey was marked by a profound love of literature; her Study Score of 50 in Literature stood as a testament to her unwavering dedication to this subject. For Camille, it was not just about analysing texts; it was about unravelling the human experience, one word at a time. As she delved into the works of literary giants such as Franz Kafka, she found solace in the complex meanings and themes. Literature became her compass, guiding her through the labyrinth of self-discovery and expression.

Literature really changed everything for me; I was emboldened by the demands of the intellectually stimulating subject; my teachers were so active and invested in my and my peers’ learning; and I ultimately gained a general love for learning that manifested itself in all my subjects.Camille Letts
  • 2023-dux-camille-letts-a-journey-of-balance-not-sacrifice
    Community Action Day (2021).
  • 2023-dux-camille-letts-a-journey-of-balance-not-sacrifice
    Camille playing in the Girls 1st St Michaels vs Westbourne Girls Soccer game (2021).

Camille’s commitment to the School extended far beyond the classroom. As the Co-Vice Captain of Sarum and Drama Co-Captain, her involvement in the Co-Curricular Program was truly outstanding. Notably, Camille was a valued team member in both the 1st Girls Football and Soccer Teams, and she actively participated in House Athletics, Drama, and Aerobics. Her dedication also extended to the Environmental Action group, where she passionately advocated for environmental awareness and solutions. As a leader and role model for her peers, she consistently inspired and motivated others. Her impact resonated not only within the School walls but also in her unwavering commitment to making a positive difference in the world.

Camille’s journey through Year 12, often dubbed the ‘year of sacrifice,’ defied conventional expectations. Rather than a year marked by sacrifice, it became a symphony of balance. She skilfully wove her leadership abilities into the very fabric of school life. For Camille, the delicate art of balancing academics and social engagement was not about sacrifice; it was about harmonising both realms and making ‘beneficial compromises.’

I was finding ways to incorporate social activities with school life, or I was dividing my time where I could focus on one and then the other.Camille Letts

For those embarking on their VCE journey in 2024 or beyond, Camille empathises with the demanding nature of your final year of school. She encourages you to lean on your teachers and the supportive St Michael’s community whenever needed. As she begins her university experience, Camille fondly reminisces about St Michael’s, where students had the opportunity to seek support and guidance whenever necessary.

This is what I miss most from St Michael's – the ability to reach out to anyone for help and guidance. Thus, don’t be afraid to reach out! You’ve got so much support that is not meant to collect dust but that is meant to be used.Camille Letts
  • 2023-dux-camille-letts-a-journey-of-balance-not-sacrifice
    Year 12 Morning Tea with Staff (2023).
  • 2023-dux-camille-letts-a-journey-of-balance-not-sacrifice
    Camille and her peers light their St Michael's candle at their Valedictory Eucharist (2023).

Camille’s future holds the promise of a non-linear university experience, echoing the dynamic path she forged at St Michael’s. Rather than a straight trajectory, her journey will be a winding trail of curiosity, nurturing her individuality, unique strengths, and interests.

Camille has made the exciting decision to pursue an Arts Degree at the University of Melbourne. Here, she will have the opportunity to keep her options open and challenge herself across a diverse range of subjects: from politics and gender studies to literature and languages.

I’m trying keep my options open and challenge myself with a range of subjects during my Arts Degree because I’m still uncertain what it is I want to do in the future.Camille Letts

While the sun has set on her time at St Michael’s, Camille’s future awaits—a bright canvas waiting for her unique brushstrokes. St Michael’s, the nurturing soil where individuality and curiosity blooms, has prepared her well. And so, with eagerness and resolve, Camille steps beyond the classroom, ready to embrace the world’s possibilities.