14 October, 2022 Academic

Valedictory Celebrations 2022

Yesterday we farewelled our Year 12 students, the Class of 2022. Valedictory Day is a significant milestone for our Year 12 students and marks their final day of schooling at St Michael’s.

The graduating Class Of 2022 began their day with a Valedictory Breakfast in the gym as students braved the wild and windy weather. Students dressed in creative outfits made from the School’s various pieces of second-hand uniforms.

Our Year 12s then made the emotional journey across the School grounds. Students from younger Year Levels held the traditional guard of honour to pay respect to their Year 12 leaders.

  • valedictory-celebrations-2022
    The Co-Captains and Co-Vice-Captains at the Year 12 Valedictory Breakfast
  • valedictory-celebrations-2022
    Co-Captains Mairead (12K) and Finn (12H) addressed the congregation

The Valedictory Eucharist Service followed, where our School Co-Captains Mairead (12K) and Finn (12H) gave a moving speech which brought many to tears. They spoke fondly of the friendships and memories they have formed at St Michael’s and they paid tribute to their Co-Vice-Captains of the School, their teachers, peers and all School staff. Ms Annie Fiume, Head of Dance and Drama and Mr Gerard Houlihan, Head of the School also addressed the congregation.

“You are the protagonist, the playwright, the director and the designer there is no final curtain in sight, go forth Year 12 and have a life, your life.”Ms Annie Fiume, Head of Dance and Drama
  • valedictory-celebrations-2022
    Ms Annie Fiume addressed the students
  • valedictory-celebrations-2022
    Year 12 students lit their candles before their final departure

Valedictory Evening was an opportunity for families, students, and staff to gather in the National Gallery of Victoria’s (NGV) Great Hall and enjoy speeches, tributes to the Class of 2022 and a meal. During the night, Mrs Jenny Massie, a parent of the Class of 2022, took to the stage with a heart-warming and hilarious compilation of memories and stories from her time as a St Michael’s parent.

Mr Luke Matthews, Director 10-12, proposed a Toast to the Class of 2022, the K3- Year 12 Quindecennial Prize was awarded and Stella (12H) and Luca (12B) made a Toast to the School on behalf of the student body.

  • valedictory-celebrations-2022
    Year 12 students after the Valedictory Eucharist Service
  • valedictory-celebrations-2022
    Students, parents and staff enjoyed dinner at the NGV Great Hall

The night concluded with the wise words of Old Michaelian, Lauren Bruce (OM 2003) ringing in our ears, as she reflected on her time at the School and what St Michael’s meant to her and her friends.

In the words of the P-2 Harrison Choir, to the Class of 2022 “take all your dreams and turn them into action. Now is the best time to start.” We can’t wait to see what you do next, good luck Year 12s, we wish you well.

If you would like to watch the Valedictory Eucharist, click here.