07 November, 2019 Academic

Transitioning from Kindergarten into Primary School with the help of our Prep students

This term, our 4 Year-Old-Kindergarten students have been visiting Prep to help them prepare for the exciting transition into Primary School.

The students have been spending two mornings a week in our Prep classrooms, learning alongside the Prep students and becoming familiar with their future classrooms.

“The informal orientation sessions in our Prep classrooms are invaluable for students in Arbor and Silvae Groups,” said Mrs Alexandra Fegan, Margaret Thomas House Co-ordinator. “The program allows the children to develop a sense of belonging to the broader School community and build positive, trusting and respectful relationships with the teachers and Prep students who will become part of their learning community in the future.”


Transitioning from Kindergarten into Primary School with the help of our Prep students Kindergarten students showing the artwork they created during their visit to Prep

The students have been enjoying their visits, where they have been listening to stories, participating in morning meetings, drawing and painting.

“My first Prep visit was amazing because I got to go into the Prep room with the other Preps. I had a fun time painting.” Asher, 4 Year Old Kindergarten

Our Prep students have been helping the Kindergarten students to feel comfortable in their classrooms by showing kindness and friendship towards them.

They have also been sharing their advice about starting Prep, which they will make into a book to gift to our Kindergarten students.


Thoroughly enjoying mentoring the younger students, some of our Prep students have also shared their helpful advice below.

“Have a big smile on your face,” said Lisa.

“Always take deep breaths before you go into the classroom and make sure you have a good time,” said Nola.

“Listen to the teacher and put your hand up if you have a question,” said Frankie

“Be nice to make friends,” said Jacob.

It has been wonderful to see our eldest Kindergarten students begin their transition into Primary School with the support of the Prep students and teachers.

We are fortunate at St Michael’s that we are a K- 12 School all on one site, which enables us to offer unique learning experiences to help our students feel confident about taking the next step in their education journey.