05 March, 2020 Sport & Outdoor Ed

Students extend their skills in the surf

On Saturday 29 February, a group of St Michael’s secondary students set out for a weekend of surfing at Ocean Grove, as part of our Skills Extension Program.

The Skills Extension Program is designed to provide students with opportunities to learn new skills, or to enhance and extend existing ones. Students can develop their skills through a range of different outdoor experiences, which they may not otherwise encounter, such as surfing. The programs are designed to be fun and focus mainly on the development of outdoor skills and friendships across the broader school community.

The Skills Extension Program allows students to have a go at something they may not encounter in their everyday lives. It gives them opportunities to extend their skills or try a new activity.Mr Sam Roberts, Outdoor Education Coordinator

The conditions in Ocean Grove over the weekend were perfect and the students were very eager to hit the waves. Ocean Grove is a seaside town located on the Bellarine Peninsula, just one and a half hours’ drive from St Michael’s. The beach is a surfer’s paradise, visited by people from around the world who seek the clean swell and consistent break, which make our Victorian coast famous.

Participants of all surfing abilities took part in lessons from qualified and experienced instructors from Go Ride A Wave. The students participated in one lesson on Saturday afternoon, and two on Sunday. The lessons gave students the confidence to stand in the surf, catch waves by themselves, and equipped them with the knowledge to better understand the ocean. Students could also choose to bodyboard, body surf, or just have fun in the waves.


The conditions were fantastic for students of all skills levels.Mr Sam Roberts, Outdoor Education Coordinator

In keeping with the rest of St Michael’s Outdoor Education programs, students on this trip were encouraged to take on increasing levels of responsibility. The group camped at a local caravan park and were given opportunities to explore the local area and to buy their own food and drinks. The relaxed and casual environment of the Skills Extension Program allowed students to get to know their peers from different year levels, as well as their teachers and outdoor education staff.

Students in Years 7 to 12 can look forward to two more Skills Extension Programs this year, which include skiing and snorkelling. For Year 6, the opportunities for 2020 are orienteering, rock climbing and sailing.

Current parents can find more information on SchoL.