14 August, 2020 Academic

Listen to St Michael’s Virtual Choir Project

We are thrilled to share St Michael’s Virtual Choir Project – a very special recording of the School Hymn, ‘Jesus, Glorious Prince of Angels’.

When faced with the reality of the 2020 school year, the Performing Arts faculty developed this entirely new project, to spread joy and to celebrate St Michael’s 125th anniversary.

The recordings were conducted over the months of May and June, while the students took part in online and remote learning.

This wonderful initiative goes to the very heart of our St Michael’s community and will be an enduring legacy of 2020. Mrs Terrie Jones, Head of the School


Congratulations to all our talented students and staff for bringing to life such a poignant and uplifting version of ‘Jesus, Glorious Prince of Angels’. The Hymn holds enduring significance not just to our students, but also to Old Michaelians and the Sisters of the Church.

Thank you to Head of Choral (K – 12) Gary Ekkel, Music Tutor Adam Donaldson, and all the Music Staff for capturing so beautifully this significant moment in the School’s history.