19 May, 2022 Community

St Michael’s Giving Day 2022

Creating Opportunity through Scholarships

On Thursday 26 May St Michael’s will hold our 2022 Giving Day in support of All Rounder Scholarships.

St Michael’s has always been committed to providing an education that supports our students to achieve their best, encourages them to explore and develop their passions, and equips them to be contributing citizens.

Our commitment to this holistic, values-based approach to education has not wavered over the past two, difficult years. In fact, it has been a strength that has seen our community come together to support our students and helped them learn in new and different ways.

For more than 100 years the St Michael’s Scholarship program has aimed to allow for as many students as possible to benefit from the high-quality education we offer. An education that will enable them to explore their talents, unlock their potential and give them the skills and knowledge to change the world.

All Rounder Scholarships are only awarded to students who do not have the financial means to start, or continue, their St Michael’s education. Students who have demonstrated strengths, interests and achievements in a broad range of activities. Recipients of this Scholarship are enthusiastic and reliable contributors to all facets of life, in and outside of school.

Our experience over the past two years has also reminded us of the importance of education in allowing our children to fulfil their potential and live their best lives. While we know the value of a St Michael’s education, we also know that not everyone has the same opportunity to join our community.

Help us share the spirit of St Michael’s so that we can offer a greater number of All Rounder Scholarships and help more young people have the education they deserve.


Watch our Giving Day video here:



Through the generosity of the following Matching Donors, all donations made on the day, Thursday 26 May, up to our target of $150,000, will be doubled. This means your donation will have even more impact.

The King Family

St Michael’s Parent Community Association

Broomhead Family Foundation

The Board of St Michael’s Grammar School

Daniel and Tanya Allison

Steve and Mary Brett

Sven Burchartz, Celia Triolo and family

Fiona Mead

St Michael’s School Executive

Cerno Property Services

Driver Group Australia

Bob Stewart Pty Ltd

Mermaid Property Services

Mattioli Bros

The Outdoor Education Group

Monjon Australia Pty Ltd

Campion Education

Kneeler Design Architects

Daniel Isakow, Jo Rosenthal and family

Moray and Agnew Lawyers

Daniel Pearce, Michaela Healy and James Pearce


Please donate at charidy.com/stmichaels