27 February, 2020 Sport & Outdoor Ed

Showing real responsibility at Year 9 Exodus

Outdoor Education at St Michael’s encourages students to be innovative and creative, it challenges their minds, and equips them with the skills and knowledge they need for their future.

From the 16th to the 21st January, our Year 9 students embarked on a six-day adventure as part of St Michael’s Exodus program. For the first time, Year 9 students were given the opportunity to choose from three exciting programs: Paddle and Pedal, Raft and Walk, and Rock and Roll. Each trip offered a different scenic location, a range of activities, and multiple levels of challenge. Students were excited to participate in the Exodus program that best aligned with their goals.

The theme of the Exodus program for Year 9 was Real Responsibility. Students were encouraged to develop their leadership skills by taking on a greater degree of responsibility for themselves and their peers. The theme was integrated into every aspect of the trip, from menu planning and self-catering, to reviewing maps, cycling routes, and time frames for activities like kayaking. Students developed their skills in goal setting and time management, while also identifying the strengths they can harness in further Outdoor Education, and in their lives beyond St Michael’s.

The Year 9 Exodus program and the theme of Real Responsibility allows our students to choose the expedition that best suits their goals. Students have the opportunity to provide their own food and create a meal plan, and enjoy the natural world with a group of their peers.Sam Roberts, Outdoor Education Coordinator
  • showing-real-responsibility-at-year-9-exodus
    A camp site set up for the evening
  • showing-real-responsibility-at-year-9-exodus
    Year 9 ready to ride

The three programs each provided a full week’s schedule.

Paddle and Pedal

The Paddle and Pedal program took place in the stunning Alpine region surrounding Lake Eildon. The students spent three days kayaking and exploring on the water. The other half of the program was spent cycling on the spectacular Great Victorian Rail Trail.

Rock and Roll

Located in the Grampians, the busy Rock and Roll program gave students the opportunity to partake in rock climbing, abseiling, cycling and hiking. The diversity of the Grampians landscape allowed students to challenge themselves by climbing and abseiling at different heights. Our Year 9s also learned new skills such as tying knots, and demonstrated leadership by leading yoga sessions.

Raft and Walk

Taking place in the Eildon region, the Raft and Walk program gave students the opportunity to participate in a three-day hike and three days of rafting on the Goulburn River. Some students chose the Raft and Walk program as they felt it would give them a foundation of knowledge and preparation for the Kosi to the Coast Exodus in Year 11.

Kosi to the Coast is a 20-day expedition, which sees students hike from Perisher Alpine Resort in New South Wales, to the Summit of Mount Kosciuszko, then descend to the Snowy River, where they travel by raft and canoe to the coast at Marlo, Victoria. In 2020, St Michael’s is celebrating its 30th year of Kosi to the Coast.

In between all the activity, the Year 9 students had the opportunity to relax and get to know one another outside of the School setting. At the end of a full week, Year 9 students returned from Exodus with greater confidence and stronger skills in Outdoor Education. The students are now looking forward to their Year 10 Exodus program: Journey in Simplicity.