08 August, 2018 Community

Scout me in! Ed Krutsch earns highest youth award

Ed Krutsch found his passion for politics, the environment and the outdoors through various community and leadership interests in his involvement in the 1st Victorian Sea Scouts. Since joining the Scouts eight years ago, Ed has completed his years as a Venturer Scout and recently earned the highest youth award in the Scouting movement – the Queen’s Scout Award.

Scout me in! Ed Krutsch earns highest youth award

The Queen’s Scout Award draws from the Venturer Award achievements across several areas such as community involvement, adventurous activities, personal growth and leadership development, and a specialisation completed for the Endeavour Award.

With 13 categories to complete, Ed’s impeccable time management skills were well utilised as he set goals, planned towards that goal, organised activities and maintained determination.  ‘Each category includes 10-30 hours of work’, explains Ed. ‘The experience has really allowed me to open my mind to many different things the world has to offer, particularly ones I wouldn’t have necessarily been open to.’

Scout me in! Ed Krutsch earns highest youth award One of the many expeditions Ed has completed.

‘One of the most challenging tasks was the expedition award, where Venturer Scouts plan an expedition with five 14-18-year-olds. I completed one in Eildon with a group of my friends and that took a lot of planning, which involved assessing the risk and compliance element, as well as waste management. The planning I’m glad to have done prior to starting Year 12 this year, as the examiners are quite strict on calculating typography and the specifics around the outdoors.’

Joining the Scouts at 10 years of age, Ed progressed through the ranks to become a Scout, Venturer and is now a leader with the School and the wider community. ‘What I’ve learned the most from, is the Community Service style badges,’ says Ed. ‘It’s the reason why I initially joined the Youth Advisory Committee at the City of Port Phillip, which I’m currently still involved in.

‘When the Council has a large project such as reshaping their transport and waste plans or building a youth hub and pride centre, they will generally approach the committee to ask for recommendations,’ explains Ed.

Scout me in! Ed Krutsch earns highest youth award Queen’s Scout Award presentation.

One notable thing about the Scouts is that it encourages you to become a well-rounded and self-reliant individual.Ed Krutsch

Scouting prepares and empowers young people in a way that a lot of other things don’t. Ed recently received his Royal Certificate from the Chief Scout, with friends and family in attendance to witness the presentation. Congratulations on your extraordinary achievement Ed, the School community wishes you well on all the endeavours waiting for you shortly beyond the School gates.

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