23 July, 2020 Academic

Pride and Inclusion Day at St Michael’s

On Monday 20 July, St Michael’s celebrated Pride and Inclusion Day. An annual event in the School calendar, Pride and Inclusion Day is when we celebrate the wonderfully diverse nature of our population, and raise awareness and acceptance for the LGBTIQA+ community.

The key message is to be kind, accept and celebrate each other.Mrs Terrie Jones, Head of the School

Our Year 12 student leaders organised a raft of physically distanced activities to mark this special occasion, including a lunchtime dance party, a block rainbow colour dress code, and the decoration of Coleman Walk with rainbow flags, a symbol of LGBTQIA+ pride. Together, the School community raised money for Minus 18, an organisation championing and creating safe spaces for queer youth.

  • pride-and-inclusion-day-at-st-michaels
    Minus 18 Workshop Presenter Seb speaking at the Virtual Astor Assembly
  • pride-and-inclusion-day-at-st-michaels
    Year 12 students Ponie and Lucy dressed in block rainbow colours

Co-Captains of the School Lucy and Tom (both 12H) also announced a new Pride Resource Hub for St Michael’s students and staff. Housed on SchoL, the Hub is a starting place for non LGBTQIA+ people to discover how to be effective allies, and a space for LGBTQIA+ people to seek support, and to feel safe and empowered.

We hope that today is one of reinforced confidence, safety, comfort and strength for members of the LGBTIQA+ community, and one of listening, learning, adjustment, growth for others.Lucy and Tom (both 12H), Co-Captains of the School

As part of the celebrations, we had the opportunity to hear from special guest speaker Seb, a Workshop Presenter from Minus 18, at the Years 7-12 Virtual Astor Assembly. Seb spoke about his experience as a transmasculine person, the importance of normalising conversations around preferred pronouns, and why you cannot assume a person’s gender identity. Seb also educated us about the long history of transgender people and offered helpful tips on how to be a good ally.

  • pride-and-inclusion-day-at-st-michaels
    Prep student Zara and her rainbow artwork
  • pride-and-inclusion-day-at-st-michaels
    Ines (Prep Adele) decorated her mask with a rainbow
To me, an ally is someone who could be a friend. Someone who will be supportive, listen, learn and grow with you, but also someone who is willing to speak and stand up for you.Seb, Minus 18 Workshop Presenter

You can visit the Minus 18 website for helpful and informative resources and to donate.