22 January, 2024 Academic

Our Class of 2023 continue to impress

Our Class of 2023 graduates have received their first-round tertiary offers, after achieving the highest VCE results at St Michael’s in 10 years. The students were offered a range of exciting courses across the spectrum of universities and other tertiary institutions continuing the long history of our students progressing to diverse learning pathways.

A total of 129 of our students applied for tertiary courses commencing in 2024 received a First Round Offer. Two students have elected to take a GAP year instead of continuing with an application.

Students were offered places at a variety of tertiary institutions with 46 receiving an offer from The University of Melbourne, 37 from Monash University, 31 from RMIT, 15 from Swinburne, 8 from Deakin, 4 from Australian Catholic University, and 2 from La Trobe. Students also received offers from other institutions.

The majority of offers were for courses in the area of Society and Culture followed by Management and Commerce, Natural and Physical Sciences, the Creative Arts, Engineering and related areas, Health, Architecture and Building, Agriculture and Environmental Studies, Education, and Information Technology.

The courses to be undertaken by our Class of 2023, which range from Architecture to the Biosciences and the Performing Arts, reflect the diversity of the students’ interests and the opportunities given to them to explore their passions and develop their skills. Many students will also undertake double degrees.

Congratulations to the Class of 2023 on their remarkable achievements; we are confident that they will make significant contributions in their respective fields. We wish all students the best for their futures beyond the School gates and look forward to following their journey as Old Michaelians.


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