06 February, 2019 Community

Meet Buttercup, Astro and Marmalade – our new chickens

The construction of our new chicken coop in the Octavius Brown Kitchen Garden was completed over the break and is now home to three chickens, Buttercup, Astro and Marmalade.

  • meet-buttercup-astro-and-marmalade-our-new-chickens
    Year 2 students visiting the new chicken coop for the first time
  • meet-buttercup-astro-and-marmalade-our-new-chickens
I really like this chicken coop because the chickens have lots of space to run aroundFrancesca, Year 2

The chicken coop has been built as part of the ongoing revitalisation of the Kitchen Garden which began last year.

St Michael’s Head of Community Services (K-12), Mr Murray Phyland, said the Parent Community Association (PCA) has been integral in this process.

“Last year, the PCA held a working bee to help re-establish the garden and donated funds to build the new chicken coop and purchase our chickens,” said Mr Phyland.

The hatching and raising of the chickens also formed part of the Transdisciplinary Learning for our Year 1 students.

Meet Buttercup, Astro and Marmalade – our new chickens Year 1 students Pheobe and Lachlan meeting the hatchlings last year

Mr Phyland said, “In Term 3 last year, the students hatched four chicks and learnt about caring for their hatchlings.”

“As we didn’t have a home for the chicks at the time, they were very kindly looked after by Ms Phillips, and are now happily at home in the School chicken coop.”

On Monday, our Year 2 students visited the Kitchen Garden for the first time this year to see the finished chicken coop and visit the chickens they hatched last year.

It’s exciting to see the chickens all grown up, they’re so big nowPhoebe, Year 2

Meet Buttercup, Astro and Marmalade – our new chickens Year 2 students Francesca and Camille exploring the Kitchen Garden

The students were very impressed with the new coop, especially as they had all put forward their own ideas for how it should be designed.

“We made sure the chicken coop is fox proof, so the chickens will be safe,” said North.

This year, our Year 1 students along with their teachers will be collecting eggs and making sure the chickens have water and food.

The chickens are currently each laying two eggs a day, which we are donating to Dolly’s Café.

In 2019 the revitalisation of the Kitchen Garden will continue and we encourage the School community to come along and enjoy this space.

Meet Buttercup, Astro and Marmalade – our new chickens