31 March, 2023 Academic - Old Michaelians

Liam Whitehouse: A brilliant all-rounder

At St Michael’s, we strive to provide an individual learning journey for each and every student. Our vision of academic excellence encompasses the entire range of students capacities. While grades are important, it is equally important that students are given the freedom to extend themselves in areas of their choice or passion.

During his 15 years at St Michael’s, Liam Whitehouse (OM 2022) viewed every learning opportunity as one that should be seized and explored. For Liam, school life was busy and full of variety, which is exactly how he planned it. While some students might have become overwhelmed with the combined effort required of participating in many activities during VCE, Liam truly thrived.

Liam held various leadership positions at St Michael’s including Co-Vice Captain, Prefect, Snowsports Captain and Volleyball Captain. He participated in Scholastica Band, Big Band, Stage Band, Guitar Ensemble, Choirs, Debating and Robotics. Liam was part of various sporting teams including 1st Boys Hockey, 1st Boys Volleyball, ACS Swimming, Sailing, Snowsports, Skiing, Handball and Basketball. He also represented Breen House in House Athletics, House Debating and House Drama.

  • liam-whitehouse-a-brilliant-all-rounder
    Representing St Michael's at the 2022 State Championships in Skiing.
  • liam-whitehouse-a-brilliant-all-rounder
    St Michael's First Sailing Team at the State Champions in 2022.
“On reflection, doing as many extra activities as possible was a saviour for me and my VCE because being busy from a very young age taught me good planning and time management skills. Being so busy forced me not to procrastinate because I wasn’t able to think ‘I can do it on the weekend’ because I couldn’t, as I was already doing something else.”Liam Whitehouse

Liam managed a challenging mix of VCE subjects including Chemistry, English Language, French, Specialist Maths, Physics and Mathematical Methods. Liam’s favourite VCE subject was Maths Methods, as he worked hard, easily excelled, and enjoyed the general atmosphere that he believes made a significant difference to his grades.

In return for his hard work and dedication, Liam accomplished an outstanding ATAR of 99.2. While achieving academic success was incredibly rewarding, there were many aspects of Liam’s final year at St Michael’s that he relished and will remember fondly.

“The whole year was rewarding. It was the finale to a 15-year-long education, everything from everyone jumping in the swimming pool at the House Swimming, our last Assemblies, the Valedictory celebrations, and the feeling after finishing each and every exam knowing that I wouldn’t have to worry about that subject again. The freedom and liberation that it brought was fulfilling.”

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    In France on the St Michael's French Exchange Program.
  • liam-whitehouse-a-brilliant-all-rounder
    St Michael's First Sailing Team at the State Champions in 2022.

In addition to his VCE studies, Liam volunteered as a Surf Life Saver and was nominated for the 2022 Victorian Junior Life Saver of the Year award. He has gained many qualifications that assist him as a Life Saver and has received a number of awards for this role in the community. More recently, Liam Captains a patrol, where he trains the next generation of Life Savers.

For future VCE students, Liam has some excellent advice and wisdom to share: have fun, participate in lots of activities, and plan ahead.

“Planning is key. Make a plan for the years to come and think about prerequisites for university courses even if you don’t plan to go there, you still want the option. Create a SAC timetable for yourself so you can track when you have SAC, and you can plan ahead what you need to focus on during the term. And lastly, for study, homework, and assignments use a to-do List, not a planner (a planner will stress you out, a to-do list will make you feel accomplished).”

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    Competing in the ACS Athletics High Jump event.
  • liam-whitehouse-a-brilliant-all-rounder
    On patrol as a 'Patrol Captain' supporting inclusivity in the club.

This year, Liam commenced studying Science at the University of Melbourne, with a guaranteed entry into the Masters of Engineering program following the undergraduate degree. In terms of career aspirations, Liam isn’t looking too far ahead for now, choosing to keep an open mind, exploring many different pathways and opportunities.

We commend Liam on his many achievements while at St Michael’s and look forward to following his journey at university and beyond.