30 May, 2019 Academic

If you were Prime Minister what would you do? Years 3 and 4 students share their ideas

Over the last two weeks, our Years 3 and 4 students have been reading the book If I was Prime Minister by Beck and Robin Feiner, and exploring what they would do if they were Prime Minister of Australia.

The students have been discussing many different ideas, with common themes including caring for the environment, reducing homelessness and ending animal cruelty.



“In our Literature and Research classes we have been reading the book If I was Prime Minister and designing our own pages with our ideas for what could be done to improve Australia,” said Teacher Ms Bryony Horrocks. “This work is now on display for everyone to see, complete with illustrations and photos of the students as Prime Minister.”

The students have had come up with wonderful ideas, and some Year 4 students have shared their ideas in the video below.

Here are some more of the students creative and thoughtful responses to the question: ‘If you were Prime Minister, what would you do?’

If I were Prime Minister I would…

“Create a bush clean-up crew,” Miranda, Year 3

“Make a home for homeless pets,” Ivy, Year 4

“Collect pollution to power a full city,” Eddie, Year 4

“Add an extra day of the weekend after Sunday called FUN-DAY,” Felix, Year 3

“Make mountain biking an Olympic sport,” Luca, Year 4

“Make Australia stop exporting uranium and coal,” Oliver, Year 3

“Make a home for homeless people,” Mak, Year 3

“Give free pets to everyone,” Matilda, Year 3

The students’ ideas are presented in a colourful display in the Picture Story Book Room on the first floor of the Gipson Commons and we encourage the School community to come along and visit the display.

A wander through, and contemplation of the students' ideas is sure to warm hearts and leave you feeling inspired about our future leaders. St Michael's Teacher, Ms Bryony Horrocks