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Book Week 2018: celebrating the joy of reading

A highlight each year at St Michael’s is the celebration of children’s literature during National Book Week. Book Week is recognised across the country and brings together children, libraries, authors and illustrators, showcasing the importance, benefits and joy of reading for all ages.

Book Week 2018 at St Michael’s was held from 28 August to 10 September, featuring a collection of events, activities, presentations and competitions to engage the entire School community. With so much to get excited about, there were many highlights throughout the week, which were all made possible thanks to the creativity and passion of the Knowledge Commons Team and support of additional staff.

In a digitally rich world, it is wonderful to pause and share the joy that books bring into our livesHead of Digital Literacy, Ms Emma Phillips


To commence Book Week, students, parents and staff were invited to the inaugural Shared Reading Breakfast in Dolly’s Café on 28 August featuring guest Story Time reader, Mrs Terrie Jones.

‘It was completely delightful to see children, parents and staff alike, reading, talking and sharing a good book all before the school day even began,’ said Ms Phillips. ‘The team transformed Dolly’s Café into a giant living room and it was a warm, cosy and incredibly friendly event which happened because so many people pitched in to assist both before and on the day.’

The School was also very fortunate to have three guest authors visit the School for Book Week and share their own reading and writing journey with students across different year levels.

Children’s author and comedian, Oliver Phommavanh, spoke to students in Years 7-9, George Ivanoff who writes choose your own adventure books, amongst other things, spoke to our Years 3-6 students, and our Margaret Thomas House and Prep students had a visit from author Lee Fox, who writes children’s stories that are riddled with rhymes and jokes.

Book Week 2018: celebrating the joy of reading Lee Fox speaking to our Kindergarten and Prep students

Literature and Research Teacher, Bryony Horrocks mentioned that after George Ivanoff’s visit, his books from our collection were not only all borrowed out, but they have a long list of reservations made by students waiting to read them.

Book Week 2018: celebrating the joy of reading George Ivanoff choose your own adventure

It was fantastic to see how much our Years 7 to 9 students enjoyed visiting author Oliver Phommavanh’s talk and how he engaged all studentsLiterature and Research Teacher, Ms Amelia Otto.

‘He really captured the attention and imagination of the year 3-6 students,’ said Ms Horrocks. ‘Many students commented how inspired they were to sit down and start writing!’

For our Year 1 students, a special Book Week sleepover was organised. Students brought their favourite soft toys to spend the night in The Gipson Commons and the next day they could not believe the fun and mischief that their toys got up to overnight.

Of course, like every year, the annual Kindergarten to Year 6 Book Week Parade was a key highlight of the Week. The parade sees students and staff from Kindergarten to Year 6 dress up as their favourite book characters. A colourful sea of students (and staff!) then take turns to show off their outfits around the Frances Newson Oval.

‘Year after year everyone gets involved and turn up in the most sensational costumes’ says Ms Otto.

Thank you to all the parents in our community for the effort they put into helping organise, create and prepare costumes for the day. It was great to see so many parents come along and take part in what was a fun-filled morning.

Prizes were awarded by a special judging panel of Mrs Terrie Jones, Mr Gerard Houlihan, Miss Emily Trenchard, Mrs Chari Clarke and Ms Emma McDonald:

Book Week 2018: celebrating the joy of reading Our distinguished judging panel

  • Most Original (awarded by Mr Houlihan): Arlo as Grasshopper from James and the Giant Peach
  • Best Staff Costume (awarded by Mrs Clarke): Mrs Merrilyn Barklamb as Fancy Nancy
  • Head of School Award (awarded by Mrs Jones): Harshaan as Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz
  • Best Home Made (awarded by Miss Trenchard): Harriet as Treasure Chest
  • Best Group Costume (awarded by Ms McDonald): Annie & Poppy as Two Headed Freak from A Series of Unfortunate Events

Book Week 2018: celebrating the joy of reading The student award winners

View our full gallery of the Book Week Parade here.

Other events and activities included Story Time in the Atrium, where students and staff shared their favourite stories at recess, and a book themed Maker Space for students in Years 1-6. There were also a number of competitions that took place during the week, which comprised of designing your own bookmark (K-6), blackout poetry (6-12), jigsaw design, the junior and senior Kahootz Book Quiz and a ‘guess how many books in The Gipson Commons’ competition.

Book Week 2018: celebrating the joy of reading Design your own bookmark!

The energy, creativity and passion exhibited by our students, staff and parents during Book Week was highly evident – we’re already looking forward to next year!

Book Week 2018: celebrating the joy of reading