18 July, 2019 Old Michaelians

Beyond the School gates: Adriana Psaltis (OM 2012)

St Michael’s students choose many different pathways when they finish school, remaining connected to one another through our vibrant Old Michaelian network.

It is with pleasure that we are able to share the story of Adriana Psaltis (OM 2012), whose science studies at St Michael’s ignited her passion for Speech Pathology.

Adriana’s career in Speech Pathology is flourishing, she currently holds two roles, Research Assistant at The University of Melbourne’s Centre for Neuroscience of Speech, and Speech Pathologist at Malvern Speech Pathology.

“During my biology and psychology studies at St Michael’s, I developed a fascination for how movement and speech are innervated by the brain,” said Adriana. “I sharpened my theoretical knowledge through undergraduate studies in biology, psychology and linguistics at The University of Melbourne.”

Learning more about the interaction between language, biology and cognition confirmed for me that Speech Pathology was a dream-career path, and I pursued a master’s degree.Adriana Psaltis (OM 2012)

Adriana has been very successful in her studies and was awarded Dux of her Master’s cohort at the conclusion of her tertiary studies in 2018.

“The opportunities afforded to me throughout my education have provided a foundation to my academic success and I continue to draw from these experiences when seeking new learning opportunities,” said Adriana.

Adriana participated in the School’s Kosciuszko to Coast expedition and French language exchange program during her Year 11 studies, which led her to explore unique opportunities during her tertiary studies.

“These experiences encouraged me to pursue other learning opportunities throughout my tertiary studies including a semester of university study abroad at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland during my undergraduate studies, and an intensive rural Speech Pathology placement in Young, New South Wales during my master’s program,” she said.

Adriana’s advice to current students finding their own career path is to consider areas that inspire and interest them.

“Reach out to people working in those fields – whether that be Old Michaelians, family, friends or others outside your network,” she said. “I also encourage students to consider that there are many different pathways to their desired field of study and preferred occupation.”

Adriana is connected with our Old Michaelian network on SMGS Generation, our exciting new online platform designed to benefit students, past and present, by providing opportunities to link their learning to the career skills and experience of our extensive parent and Old Michaelian network. Find out more and sign up at smgsgeneration.com.

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