15 August, 2019 Academic

Augmented reality bringing learning to life

This term, in their Literature and Research class, Year 5 students have been learning how to create 3D objects using augmented reality (AR) technology.

The students have been conducting an investigation into an author of their choice and presenting their findings using Merge Cubes which are holographic toys that allow users to physically hold and interact with 3D objects using AR.

  • augmented-reality-bringing-learning-to-life
    Monty and Honey work on their author reviews
  • augmented-reality-bringing-learning-to-life
    Harry and Harriet work together to record their author reviews

St Michael’s Literature and Research teacher, Ms Fiona Spellman, said the students have been learning about finding appropriate information from reliable sources, note-taking and using AR technology to create their author reviews.

“Incorporating AR into this research task has really engaged the students and encouraged them to work collaboratively with their classmates, and to think about creative ways they can present the information about their chosen authors,” said Ms Spellman.

The students have been creating their presentations using the CoSpaces iPad app, which allows the students to build 3D creations, animate them with code and explore them through AR.

Watch Year 5 student Tasmin’s review of author Jackie French.

Working with the Merge Cubes has been a highlight for the Year 5 students who have all enjoyed learning something new and sharing their investigation in a creative way.

Using the Merge cubes has been really fun and interesting. It’s pretty cool because you only need a tiny cube to convey a lot of information.Ruby
I’ve enjoyed finding out about my author, R.J. Palacio, and putting together my presentation using the app and the cube. I’m really proud of my presentation. Jerome
I found the CoSpaces app quite easy to use even though I haven’t used it before. I’m also finding it really interesting. Amber
I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the information I found come to life on the iPad. Samuel

At St Michael’s we are fortunate to have staff who are innovative in their approach to teaching and it’s wonderful to see the students embracing and mastering these new technologies.