15 March, 2019 Community

Alessandra talks young people in politics on Sky News

Earlier this term, Year 9 student, Alessandra appeared on Sky News where she discussed the voice of young people in Australian politics and government inaction on the issue of climate change.

Alessandra was insightful and mature in her first television appearance which took place on the same day that she returned from Exodus, where students spent six days in the Victorian bush.

“The experience of being on television was a lot of fun,” said Alessandra. “I also felt less nervous about it because I was tired after Exodus,” she said.

Watch an extract of Alessandra’s Sky News appearance below.


A keen activist, Alessandra attended the first ‘Schools Strike 4 Climate’ in December last year which led to her appearance on Sky News.

“I attended a function at the Melbourne Town Hall the day of the first Schools Strike 4 Climate in Melbourne and I was talking to a few of the counsellors about it,” said Alessandra. “I was really excited and from there one of the counsellors recommended me to Sky News presenter Nicholas Reece as he was looking for a young person talk to about the strike.”

Alessandra talks young people in politics on Sky News Alessandra with Sky News presenter Nicholas Reece

Alessandra is also a strong debater and being able to discuss youth involvement in politics on television was a thrill for the young activist.

“Debating on air was a definite highlight for me,” she said. “I was given a full list of questions but some of the questions they asked weren’t in the list as they were trying to throw me curve balls.”

We are very proud of Alessandra and the maturity and understanding she demonstrated in her first television appearance. We look forward to seeing her continue to be a voice for young Australians.

If you don’t take a stand nothing will ever happen.Alessandra, Year 9 student