19 October, 2018 Community

4 Year Old Kindergarten playground transformation

This term, our Kindergarten students returned with much anticipation to the completion of phase one of the exciting 4 Year Old Kindergarten Playground transformation. The carefully planned two phase development has been undertaken with ideas from the children in Margaret Thomas House, who were asked to assist in the thinking and design of new play spaces.

It has been wonderful to see the joy on the students faces as they have begun to explore and enjoy their new spaces.


Director of Learning K-1, Miss Emily Trenchard, discusses the progress and highlights of the project.

After three years in the planning, we are so excited to see stage one of the 4 Year Old garden project completed! After many meetings sharing the designs and wishes of the children and staff in Margaret Thomas House, our dreams are becoming a reality! Four weeks ago, the team from Brocor began construction on stage one, which was very exciting for the children to witness and be a part of. As we excitedly welcomed everyone back to Term 4, our 4 Year Old children were very pleased to see the fence down, and that they were able to use their new play space. The bamboo forest, mud kitchen and wigwam have all been a highlight, and we already have strawberries planted in our new vegetable garden. We look forward to further embracing what this garden will provide, and excitedly await the beginning of stage two over the Christmas break.Miss Trenchard

In their daily morning meetings, the students from Silvae and Arbor shared a discussion about the new playground.

‘I like the tee pee. You can play camping in it.’ – Lisa

‘I like the bamboo forest. You can play in there, it’s like a jungle’ – William T

‘I love the vegetable garden. I can’t wait wait for the vegetables to grow’ – Lola

‘The teachers could have their dinner here from the vegetables’ – Antonia

‘I think the gardeners are so kind to us, they made us new areas. I love the panda area.’ – Isobel

‘We planted strawberries in the new kitchen garden and I made a sign for the strawberries.’ – Anna

‘I like the mud kitchen with all the muddy things. We can cook mud cakes and mud cookies.’ – Jacob

‘I think we are so lucky to have a new garden. I’m so grateful to be at St Michael’s.’ – Theo

  • 4-year-old-kindergarten-playground-transformation
  • 4-year-old-kindergarten-playground-transformation

We look forward to the commencement of the second phase of the playground redevelopment, which will take place over the extended non-term time, ready for the children to enjoy in 2019 and beyond.