24 April, 2020 Community

St Michael’s celebrates 125 years

Thursday, 23 April marked 125 years since the Church of England Day School (now St Michael’s) welcomed its first group of students.

To commemorate the School’s 125th birthday, students, staff and our wider community have celebrated in a variety of different and creative ways.

Our Prep students came together virtually to wish the School a happy 125th birthday. With help from their parents and teachers, the students created a video and a birthday card.

  • st-michaels-celebrates-125-years
    Our Prep students created a birthday card.
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    The self-portraits show the students wishing "happy birthday" to St Michael's.
Happy birthday and thanks for all the memories, laughs and good times I’ve had here. I have learnt so much in the past 8 years and it seems like only yesterday that I came to school for the very first time.Tim Flynn (6E)

On the School’s 125th birthday we also introduced Stories from the Crest, the new podcast series, that shares the stories of Old Michaelians from across the history of the School, created by TV producer, Claudia Nankervis (OM 2012), and emerging filmmaker, Fraser Pemberton (OM 2011). Fraser and Claudia explore the lives of Old Michaelians who share a common link through their school, but who have very different stories to tell.

St Michael’s celebrates 125 years Introducing Stories from the Crest

Thank you for all the amazing memories you have given me. You’ve taught me not just standard 1+1, but how to live with a true heart.Alexander Rakogiannis (6E)

The School was actually set to open on 22 April, 1895. However, that day happened to be a public holiday, so only one student was admitted – Dolly Ziebell. Dolly’s background was not one of great privilege. In giving her a place at the School, the Sisters gave Dolly the opportunity for a brighter future. Dolly is a powerful embodiment of the School’s enduring values: Dignity, Respect, Care and Compassion. In 2016, St Michael’s named the new cafeteria, Dolly’s Café, in Dolly Ziebell’s memory.

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    Marlton House as it was in 1895.
  • st-michaels-celebrates-125-years
    Dolly's Café today.

St Michael’s students from Kindergarten to Year 12 joined with parents and some of our longest-serving staff members, to share their favourite St Michael’s memories and wish the School a happy 125th birthday.


On Thursday afternoon, those staff and students who remained at the School enjoyed a wonderful ‘125’ cake.

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    Head of the School Mrs Terrie Jones cutting the birthday cake.
  • st-michaels-celebrates-125-years
    Sharing the cake
This school has given me lots of new opportunities and I can’t even express the gratitude I have for this school.Amber Sapountsis (6M)

Finally, our Year 6 students left birthday messages addressed to the school.

Thank you to all those involved in our celebrations.

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    Birthday wishes from our Year 6 students.
  • st-michaels-celebrates-125-years
    Year 6 students wish St Michael's a happy 12th birthday.