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St Michael’s is led by a Board of Directors and managed by the Head of the School, who is appointed by the Board and a School Executive. The School Executive is responsible for managing the School’s regular business and operations at St Michael’s.

We believe in shared leadership, and constantly strive to build the capacities of our staff and students in this area. Leadership development is an integral part of our learning community.


Through the power of positive role-modelling, St Michael’s student leaders have a huge influence on their peers. The School values of Dignity, Respect, Care and Compassion are at the heart of our leadership style.

You don’t need a badge to be a leader at St Michael’s – we ask all of our students to uphold the School’s core philosophy. Leadership characteristics, pertaining to all students, are fully integrated into our curriculum.

Being a positive role model, upholding the School’s values, positively influencing and enabling others, and initiating change are the driving forces for our student leaders.

St Michael’s students combine a strong social conscience with a passion to serve the community, with students at all year levels playing strong leadership roles in the School’s extensive Community Action Program.

There is a rich array of leadership opportunities for students throughout the School. Such roles enable students to gain valuable confidence and experience in learning about responsibility and organisation.

Leadership roles for Year 6 students include Co-Captains of the School (K–6), House Co-Captains, Music Co-Captains, Sacristans and Mentors. Students from Years 2 to 5 can also become Environmental Action Group and Community Action Group representatives.

Leadership opportunities for students in Year 12 include Co-Captains of the School (7–12), Co-Vice Captains of the School (7–12), House Co-Captains, House Co-Vice Captains, and Co-Curricular Captains. Students in Year 9 can also take up the role of Years 7 to 9 Co-Captains and Co-Vice Captains.


Our teaching and professional staff are central to the learning and care we provide to all students and their families. These qualities are nurtured by dedicated professionals, who are deeply invested in students’ educational success. The breadth, rigour and effectiveness of our teaching program make a crucial difference to St Michael’s students, who learn to make informed decisions about their future career under expert guidance.

St Michael’s staff are dedicated to providing students with every opportunity to flourish. Our exceptional employees are more than just teachers. Many of them have worked professionally in their disciplines, and are now bringing their expertise to the classroom and Co-Curricular programs. Our teachers offer comprehensive support for students across all areas of learning.

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To find out more, explore How to Enrol or contact our Student Enrolments Team on +61 3 8530 3310 or at enrolments@stmichaels.vic.edu.au.