Emma McDonald is a passionate educator with a strong focus on adolescent development and wellbeing. With over 20 years’ experience, Emma has a deep understanding of the emotional and intellectual needs and strengths of young people.

In her new role as Deputy Head and Head of Senior School at St Michael’s Grammar School, she is a strong advocate for unlocking students’ potential by co-creating learning environments where their voices are heard. Emma understands that the crucial middle and senior years of schooling are characterised by the students’ increasing desire for autonomy, expanding capacity for complex thought, and greater curiosity about self and their role in the world.

Emma has held the roles of Director of Curriculum (7-12), Director of Learning (Years 6-9) and Head of House (Years 7-12) giving her a comprehensive insight into the key transition points for students as they begin and end secondary school. She has taught English and Drama, Years 4 to VCE.