13 December, 2022 Academic

Celebrating the Class of 2022

St Michael’s congratulates our Class of 2022 on their outstanding VCE results.

This resilient group of students have shown courage and leadership as they returned to onsite learning in their final year, and we commend them on their achievements.

The breadth of achievement in academia, sport and creative studies demonstrates the diversity and dedication of our students and is reflected in their ATAR results.

  • 7% achieved an ATAR of 98 or higher (top 2% of the state)
  • 16% achieved an ATAR of 95 or higher (top 5% of the state)
  • 31% achieved an ATAR of 90 or higher (top 10% of the state)
  • 60% achieved an ATAR of 80 or higher (top 20% of the state)

Our congratulations go to the 2022 Dux of the School, Lilian Knight, who received an exceptional ATAR score of 99.7. Lillian also received a perfect score in Literature.

We would also like to congratulate George Kaltzidis (99.4), who received two perfect scores in Accounting and Legal Studies, Luca Searle (96.65) and Clare Flynn (98.9) who received perfect scores in Media and Studio Arts respectively. These impressive outcomes are testimony to their hard work and effort throughout the year.

The Class of 2022 has been supported by our dedicated staff, who encouraged our students to follow their passions and develop their strengths. This can be seen in the depth and breadth of scores achieved across a diverse range of studies, including study scores of 40 and above for:

  • 56% of Studio Arts students,
  • 53% of Media students,
  • 50% of Systems Engineering students
  • 42% of Italian students,
  • 37% of Product Design and Technology students,
  • 36% of History: Revolutions students,
  • 32% of Literature students,
  • 30% of Philosophy students.

Our students leave school ready to take their place as global citizens with the values of dignity, respect, care, and compassion. We have no doubt they will continue the tradition of Old Michaelians making a significant, positive difference in the world.

View our results snapshot here.

Please join us in congratulating St Michael’s Class of 2022.