03 December, 2021 Community

Valedictory Day Celebrations 2021

On Friday 26 November 2021, we celebrated our Year 12 students completing their journey at St Michael’s Grammar School with a traditional Valedictory Day Service.

Valedictory Day is a significant milestone for our Year 12 students and marks their final day of school and the culmination of their Valedictory Week celebrations.

As is tradition, the graduating Class Of 2021 started their day by gathering outside of St George’s Church to enjoy a breakfast hosted by the School. Students congregated and danced as classic party tunes were blasted over the courtyard, all the while dressed in creative outfits inspired by, and made from, the School’s various pieces of uniform.

To the class of 2021, you have demonstrated resilience throughout your time at St Michael’s. Whether that has been through meeting the challenges of Exodus, performing on the stage, speaking in front of a crowd, stepping out onto the sports field, or rising to the demands of schoolwork; perhaps above all, you have shown resilience beyond the call of duty over the past two years.Mr Ben Jeacocke, Director (10-12)
  • valedictory-day-celebrations-2021
    The front lawn of Hewison House was decorated in honour of our graduating Year 12 students
  • valedictory-day-celebrations-2021
    Students congregated outside St George's Church

Our Year 12s then made the emotional journey across the road and entered the School gates for the final time. Students from younger Year Levels held the traditional guard of honour along Coleman Walk to pay respect to their elder leaders.

The Class Of 2021 then attended the formal Valedictory Eucharist in All Saints Church, the students’ final Eucharist as students of St Michael’s.

Co-Captains of the School (7-12), Mia and Zac, addressed the congregation, offering humble words of thanks and wisdom, and saying a fond farewell to their classmates, teachers, and all members of the St Michael’s community.

To our family of 2021, we did it! We couldn’t have dreamt of a better cohort to walk out these doors with. Each of you are such inspiring, unique, and admirable people, and we cannot wait to see what everyone’s future holds.Co-Captains of the School (7-12), Mia (12K) and Zac (12B)
  • valedictory-day-celebrations-2021
    Year 12 students enter the School gates for the final time
  • valedictory-day-celebrations-2021
    Co-Captains Zac and Mia address the congregation

At the conclusion of the service, each student took a candle bearing the School Crest, lit it from the St Michael’s candle, and took their flame out into the world as they walked from the Church.

At the conclusion of Valedictory Day, the young adults of the Class of 2021 dined with their parents, guardians and staff at the Members Dining room at the Melbourne Cricket Ground for the annual Valedictory Dinner.

We are extremely proud of this year’s graduating Class. We enjoyed witnessing their friendships, support of one another and celebrations during their entire St Michael’s journey, and we wish them all the best as they embark on their lives beyond the School gates.

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    Morgana (12B) lights her Valedictory candle as Mrs Terrie Jones looks on.
  • valedictory-day-celebrations-2021
    Students, parents, and staff mingled and shared stories at the Valedictory Dinner in the MCG Members Dining Room